An idea that's ready to fly

Monday, 29 February, 2016
An aircraft of the future that combines all the advantages of a helicopter with those of a fixed wing airplane will represent a massive step-change in the way we take to the skies. The team behind the necessary rotor technology plans to have it ready for the market before 2040.

The CROP project’s advances in developing an innovative cycloidal rotor technology to power such an aircraft brings this prospect much closer. An aircraft with cycloidal rotor technology can spin through 360 degrees around all axes, take off and hover like a helicopter, and perform the aerial acrobatics of fixed-wing planes. The potential applications are enormous and CROP has placed Europe at the forefront of this ‘disruptive’ technology.

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Picture of the testing of CROP cyclorotor demonstrator vehicle performed by IAT21. This vehicle is totally electrically powered

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Cycloidal Rotor Optimized for Propulsion
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