e-SENS: building a #ConnectedContinent

Tuesday, 1 July, 2014
e-SENS - European Simple Electronic Networked Services is a large-scale cross-border pilot project (LSP) in the area of digital public services (eGovernment) that has been active since April 2013. e-SENS encompasses all previous piloting domains of the LSP family (e-CODEX, epSOS, PEPPOL, STORK and STORK 2.0, SPOCS) thus striving to bring interoperability and standardization to the EU e-Services sector.

What is in fact a LSP?

The LSPs have been developed and run under the ICT Policy Support Programme in five main areas: e-ID, e-Procurement, Business Lifecycle, e-Health and e-Justice, in order to engage public authorities, service providers, industry and research centres across the EU in the development and testing of real cross-border digital services.

One of the core phases of these pilot projects is the defining of the use cases. A use case is a most likely real-life scenario that would truly improve citizens and businesses' life. Good examples of a use cases would be: registering a new business in Member State A, even if the business owner/service provider is a resident of Member State B; or using healthcare services (physician, hospital, healthcare centre or pharmacist) abroad.

e-SENS recently achieved this turning point, defining its primary use cases for  piloting. The selected scenarios are as follows:

  1. e-Procurement - the use cases for the e-Procurement domain will include all major phases of electronic tendering in the pre-award phase, as well as key business processes in the post-award phase.
    1. eTendering;
    2. eQualifications and the Virtual Company Dossier;
    3. eCatalogues in the pre-award and post-award phase;
    4. eInvoicing, eOrdering in the post-award phase;
  2. e-Health – building on the experience form epSOS, and supporting the implementation of Directive 2011/24, e-SENS encompasses the following use cases, regarding this domain:
    1. ePrescription/Patient Summary;
    2. eConfirmation of insurance entitlement;
    3. eInvoicing during re-imbursement of healthcare provision costs;
  3. e-Justice - the objective of the use cases in the e-Justice domain is to simplify access to cross-border legal procedures and legal means for citizens and businesses as they follow various European regulations.
    1. Matrimonial matters and parental responsibility;
    2. Maintenance Obligations;
    3. European Account preservation Order;
  4. Business Lifecycle - the use cases aim to expand the existing functionality already offered by the national authorities of EU and EEA countries, such as Points of Single Contact (PSCs), and make them interoperable through the use of e-SENS BBs.
    1. Registering a new business;
    2. Registering a new activity.

The pilots shall build on relevant policies and legislative initiatives at a European and national level, and will be based on technical modules used in a cross-border context, thus re-using work done in previous LSPs

As this landmark was reached e-SENS moves on towards bringing down the digital borders in Europe bringing Digital Single Market to reality, many years after the physical barriers were already removed.

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