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Programme: Europe for Citizens
Identifier: 588699-CITIZ-1-2017-1-HR-CITIZ-TT
Title: Europa Povezuje Građane / Europe Connecting Citizens
One of the basic values of democracy represents civil society and citizens who are actively involved in all areas of social activity.Through this program we are trying to increase awareness of the importance of their role in society and promote the values of active citizenship and democracy. One of the purposes of the project is to support organizations in creating social change and thus contribute to greater political participation of citizens.The Municipality of Tisno was an indirect participant of Homeland War in Croatia (1991.-1995.). During the war Tisno was in the situation as today are several European countries, the hosting capacities ( hotels, camps) were full of refugees from other parts of Croatia, and later from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. During September of 1992. when war activites were just 18 km away, we had refugees even in our homes. People took care of other people showing solidarity with the strangers. The project will focus at this topic trying to discuss the possible solution. Furthermore, the project will encourge people to get to know different culture and customs, promoting EU citizenship and integration in EU. With forms of non-formal education, people will learn about different countries and share their values with other European nation, widening their knowledge about EU.During the six days programme the participants will share their experience in various activity fields, will discuss the topic of voluntary work in EU, how to encourage people to be a volunteer and debate on the past and future of Europe.The final output will be a presentation, performance and activities in the Municipality center with local participants invited along with whole municipality. After the project, the participants should be able the understand cultural differences and similarities, spread the values of EU citizenship and take part in building contemporary and future European society.
Start Date: 05-09-2017
End Date: 20-04-2018
Duration in months: 8
Total Budget: 5000
Year (Call): 2017
Activity: Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Sub-Activity: Town twinning
Organisation: OPCINA TISNO
Address: USKA ULICA1
Postal Code: 22240
Region: Šibensko-kninska županija
Organisation type: Local Public body
PIC: 938787826
Address: RADNICKA 29/1
Postal Code: 594 13
Region: Kraj Vysočina
PIC: 947916787
Within the Europe for Citizens Programme, the information available on the Website refers to the content submitted by the beneficiaries, as the data is retrieved directly from the application, at the moment of the selection.