Promoting European citizenship through recitals and debates

Promoting European citizenship in times of crisis can be tough, but the EUCivic project in Italy took up the challenge and organised a series of debates, musicals and webinars to do just that.


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EUCivic launched webinars for Italian teachers and organised European Awareness Days in Cagliari, Verona and Florence. They wanted to help fight the rise of nationalism and terrorism by promoting an innovative way of communicating and teaching about the EU. Prof. Dr. Roberto Castaldi recalls:

Europe is our best chance to address contemporary problems, like the rise of terrorism and nationalism and the consequences of it. To have thousands of students passionately discussing about these issues was the best reward that we could have of our efforts.

The European Awareness Day activities attracted big crowds, especially thanks to the recital ‘Europe: What a Passion! The Musical Tale of a Stormy Love Affair’ by Martinelli & Pigozzo, which tells the history of European integration. The event was followed by a conference and a debate addressing current EU issues. The participants, mostly students, felt emotionally involved in the subject and remained well after the event finished.

Key facts and figures

Project title Empowering European Citizens through European Civic Education
Lead organisation

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Location Pisa, Italy
Duration 2014-2015
EU grant

€ 60,000

1,600 people attended the event in Florence, which was organised in cooperation with the Jean Monnet Network MoreEU. This included students, professors, local authori-ties and the Vice Mayor of Florence. It was filmed and broadcast by Rai Scuola and Rai 5, Italian television chan-nels dedicated respectively to theatre and education. It was a smash hit, broadcast more than 20 times and prompting the RAI network to offer EUCivic future collaboration.

All this glowing success proved that students can be taught civic education in a fun way, and that they are not learning enough about this vital issue yet. This is why EUCivic organised a series of workshops to complement the project’s theatre performance and spread their message even further.

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Photo: © CesUE

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