eTwinning Plus welcomes neighbouring countries

eTwinning Plus was launched 5 years ago as a platform for schools in 6 EU neighbouring countries to connect to European Union schools using eTwinning. Teachers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Tunisia have been actively involved in the eTwinning community. eTwinning Plus now accounts for more than 1,200 participating schools and 2,400 registered teachers, of whom almost 1,400 collaborate in active projects.


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When eTwinning Plus was launched in 2013, teachers from European countries involved in eTwinning were noticeably enthusiastic: a growing number of them expressed interest in creating partnerships with eTwinning Plus teachers. There are now 80,000 opportunities available for eTwinning Plus partnerships across 37 countries.

After a 2-year pilot phase, the eTwinning Plus programme became a full part of the eTwinning community in 2015, giving teachers from the 6 countries new opportunities to go further with their journey. They are now eligible for all professional development opportunities, the Quality Labels and the European eTwinning Prizes.

In 2015, teachers from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine were praised at the European Prizes ceremony in Brussels for their project My Alien Friend as the winner of the 4-11-year-old category prize. More recently, Matanat Ahadova, a teacher from Azerbaijan, was among the winners of the Marie Skłodowska Curie Prize with the project Young Scientists, while Maia Seliatina, a Ukrainian teacher who participated in the Is this castle haunted project, won the 12-15-year-old category at the 2016 eTwinning conference.

If you are from one of Europe’s neighbouring countries and would like your school to become part of eTwinning Plus, express your interest to the Partner Support Agency (PSA) in your country. The PSA is responsible for registering the schools to the programme.

If you are a European eTwinning teacher and are interested in an eTwinning Plus partnership, we invite you to indicate this in your eTwinning Live profile (under “My interests”).

Inclusion is the eTwinning theme of 2017: the goal is to promote social inclusion and non-discrimination attitudes towards culture, gender, race, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, age or any other categorisation. We encourage you to get involved in eTwinning Plus projects and collaborate with teachers from neighbouring countries.

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