Closing the gender gap in voluntary service projects

Across the world, we are moving closer to achieving equality between men and women but there is much work still to be done. To mark International Women's Day, we're looking at an Erasmus+ project that travelled to East Africa to work with voluntary organisations there, hoping to lessen the gender divide.


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JAMBO aimed to empower youth social workers (both male and female), providing them with new tools to encourage more female participation in local community and international voluntary service projects.

 Project co-ordinator Sara Mandozzi explained the many ways in which the project has helped people so far:

JAMBO allowed participants to develop a new awareness of gender issues and the importance of promoting equality, to gain more exposure, to acquire new skills to apply in their personal life and in their activities and projects.

The project also helped to build relationships between voluntary organisations in Europe and East Africa, creating some wide-reaching networks that will benefit many others in the future.

The partners, including charity and volunteering specialists, worked with hundreds of participants in women's groups, children's centres, youth groups and anti-AIDS organisations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. They researched gender issues and the role of women, focusing on family, economy and community, and compared European and East African societal roles.


Map of the participating countries (France, Italy and Austria)

Key facts and figures

Project title JAMBO Young Women Empowerment to Improve Quality of
Youth Work and Volunteering in EU and Partner Countries
Lead organisation

Associazione Lunaria

Location Rome, Italy
Duration 2014-2015
EU grant

€ 81,114

Map: Organisations from Italy, France and Austria, as well as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda took part in the project

JAMBO ran training courses and developed non-formal education methods which were then used in youth meetings across all three African countries. The sessions involved hundreds of young people and many local organisations, who then shared their knowledge and created new networks. The partners produced a toolkit that will continue to be used at meetings, study groups and training sessions across the world.

Organisations involved with JAMBO have benefited from working with each other at a national level, and the voluntary project workers who participated say they have enjoyed approaching gender issues from a wider perspective.

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Photo: © Naletto Grazia, 2016

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