27 new Master Degrees from neuroscience to e-government

The European Commission has just selected 27 new Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees.


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These are integrated degree programmes at Masters level, which involve study at two or more of the higher education institutions involved in the partnership. Each degree programme generally lasts for two academic years, and will be awarding EU-funded scholarships to the best students applying from all over the world.

The new programmes cover a wide range of topics: from neuroscience to e-governance and from cinema to data management.

All 27 programmes will be added during the summer to the catalogue of Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees. The catalogue lists all the master programmes' websites, with details on how to apply. The next opportunity for students to apply for scholarships will be in late 2016, when some 100 programmes will ask for applications for programmes starting in September/October 2017.

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