New methods - better educational achievements

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Start: 01-07-2017 - End: 30-06-2018
Project Reference: 2017-1-RS01-KA101-000009
EC Grant: 12990 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: School education staff mobility


Having more than a thousand students, our school is one of the largest in the county and it is responsible not only for students` education, but also for the wider community. The school is located in a small town which does not offer many cultural and educational activities that would help our school to improve various students` competences. Due to our location, students can be closed to other cultures and they cannot properly develop intercultural and tolerance awareness. Most teachers still use traditional teaching methods. The school could not provide quality professional trainings dealing with innovative teaching methods. Teachers are not sufficiently strengthened to organize classes with the support of modern technologies, as well as to use the internationalisation of teaching and its relocation outside the walls of the classroom. All of this affects our students`motivation, causing the lack of creativity and the poor scores in the final, national tests and PISA tests.
We want our school to become a modern institution where the teaching process will be adjusted to modern European educational trends. We want teaching process to modernize and enrich, using innovative methods and forms of work, supported by ICT. Our main objective is to improve students` achievements, to develop their functional skills and valuable knowledge which are necessary for life and work in the modern society. In accordance with European educational trends, we want our students to enhance their communication and collaboration skills,functional,digital and media literacy and to encourage their creativity and critical thinking. We want to offer our students` possibilities to communicate and cooperate with the students from other countries,so that they can develop intercultural and tolerance awareness.
In order to provide these things for our students, it is necessary to motivate our teachers to attend new training programes which will help them develop new skills for using new methods and tools in everyday teaching process. We are planning to send 6 teachers to three renowned courses where they will learn how to develop students` competences, using ICT and innovative methods. They are : a pedagogue, a teacher of the same age-integrated class,two teachers of foreign languages, a teacher of Serbian and a teacher of musical culture. A pedagogue/ psychologist is responsible for monitoring the teaching process, following the application of methods and learning outcomes and counseling teachers. A teacher of the same age-integrated class works with 7-10 year-old children,( she will share her experiences with the colleagues who work with younger children, when she returns from the mobility). Two teachers of foreign languages have previous experiences in international eTwinning projects, (after they return from mobility,they will share their experiences with other teachers of foreign languages). A teacher of the Serbian language is experienced in the coordination of international eTwinning projects and teachers`training. A teacher of music culture is also experienced in the international cooperation and he is involved in extracurricular activities. After the completion of courses,teachers will apply new methods and tools in their everyday work with students. We expect that the use of new methods will have a positive impact on students` motivation. It will strengthen their competences, increase their engagement and improve learning outcomes. Participants of courses will share their knowledge and experience to their colleagues, so that the positive effects will expand to a large number of students. In order to inform general public about the impact of mobility,participants will use the school website, the school newspaper,scientific journals and a local TV. They will prepare a presentation for other schools at the Regional Centre for Professional Development. They will use an eTwinning platform to organize webinars and groups.
We expect that more intensive use of new forms of work will increase the quality of teaching and students`success, which is one of our main strategic goals. The mobility will help teachers improve their linguistic skills and make international contacts. In that way,teachers will be able to use these international contacts in everyday teaching. The school will affect the local community by sharing its experience and practical examples. At the end of project activities, the evaluation will be organized in order to show how the project activities help the realization of the planned objectives; how the use of different methodologies influences the quality of students` achievements. Results of the analysis will be carefully considered and integrated into the further strategic development of our institution. They will be used for the definition of new objectives, future activities and improvement of School Development Plan.


Results for this project are not yet available. They might become available after the project's end date.


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