Abriendo puertas a Europa

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Start: 01-06-2015 - End: 31-05-2017
Project Reference: 2015-1-ES01-KA101-014956
EC Grant: 15090 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: School education staff mobility


Ours is a school where two teaching progrmmes have been implemented: A Bilingual programme with a CLIL approach, and a TIC one, with a large proportion of our staff involved in them. Also we have participated in some European proyects such as:

"European Multicultural Languages" code 2011-1-GB1-COM06-10565

"Movilidad Alumnado Comenius" 2011 2011-1-ES1-COM14-28289 1

"Movilidad Alumnado Comenius" 2012 2012-1-ES1-COM14-44592)

In order to develop both the bilingual and the TIC programmes, teachers are required a good training, and this is the purpose of applying for a European plan for our school.

At the beginning of this school year 2014/2015, we started organizing a commission to detect our teachers' main needs of training, which can be summarized as follows:

- The acquisition of an European dimension in the school

- The improvement of academic results

- Teacher training in new technologies

- English language updating of our NLA teachers participating in our bilingual programme

- Incorporation of new TIC resources in the teaching/learning process

Once the training needs were detected, they were taken on board by the staff and included in our School Educational Project. This agreement is recorded in the "minutes of the staff meeting" and in "the minutes of the Consejo Escolar meeting" 5th February 2015.

Thus, the staff agree to be trained according to their needs.

Based on well-established criteria, the commission will select the most suitable teachers for the teachers' mobilities and will issue both the sctivities and their evaluation.

The teachers will get the Curriculum Vitae Europass and the Europen passport of the Languages.

Our project will focus on the promotion of the activities carried out in and out of school via the school webpage and the etwinning platform.

The activities carried out will be assessed according to the attendants' degree of satisfaction and the subsequent promotion, but it wiil be assessed as well the certificates earned for the completion of any educational courses.


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Organisation type: School/Institute/Educational centre – Vocational Training (secondary level)


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