Inklusion - wir machen uns auf den Weg

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Start: 01-06-2017 - End: 31-10-2018
Project Reference: 2017-1-DE03-KA101-035178
EC Grant: 17758 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: School education staff mobility


The aim of our project "inclusive learning - we are on the way" is to get to know European approaches about inclusive learning. We want to look at advantages and disadvantages and evaluate which elements we might be able to adapt for our school. There is a wide diversity of pupils so it is very important for us to develop a profound concept for support. This concept should include how pupils with different social backgrounds, learning abilities and different mother tongues can learn together in our school.
We hope to get "best-practice-ideas" from the different Euorpean countries we want to visit for our advanced training programmes. Our multiprofessional environment consits of teachers for special educational needs, primary school teachers and employees who support the children with their homework and offer an afternoon programme. Therefore we especially need to learn more about cooperative teaching methods and teamteaching. This will have a positive impact on the quality and efficiency of our teaching.
Eight primary school teachers and two teachers for special educational needs will participate in the advanced training programme. They all deal with the diversity in their classrooms every day. Some mainly work in our bilingual branch and teach English and CLIL. They are experts for using different digital devices like interactive boards for authentic language learning. The teachers for special educational needs support the children with poor learning or poor social abilites or physical problems. They also give advice to the class teachers on how to deal with the different abilities. Other participating teachers are very experienced in teaching classes with a high number of children with special needs.
The participants will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. They will discover how other European countries cope with inclusive learning. They will get to know teaching methods that they will be able to use for their own teaching. They will become experts in their field of training and broaden their horizons concerning the topic of inclusive learning. We expect that the participants will be very motivated to implement their new insights in their own teaching and to experience the positive benefit of diversity in their classrooms. All participating teachers will share their knowledge with the other colleagues. We know that we need exchange of best practice and a network with other European countries to learn from their experiences for setting up our own successful inclusive learning environment.
We hope that we will get motivating insights in working inclusive learning environments through our different advanced training programmes. We hope to get some "tools" for our everyday teaching and to get a better capacity to act with different learning abilities not just for the participants of the advanced training programme but also for our entire school. We hope that all of this will have a deep and long lasting impact on our teaching.


Results for this project are not yet available. They might become available after the project's end date.


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