Development of Public Administration and Management Studies in Serbia

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Project Reference: 144889-TEMPUS-2008-RS-JPCR
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The project aims, through a consortium of private universities in Serbia and EU partners, to develop and improve Public Administration curricula, teaching methods, modernisation of learning environment for students, while also developing LLL system for public administration officials and promoting co-operation between private and public institutions.New curricula and course contents for all three study levels will be developed and introduced during project lifetime. LLL programme for employees in PA will be developed and pilot seminar will be organized. A consistent number of trainings are organized, as well as mobilities of staff.

The specific objectives are: "Improvement and development of PA curriculaImprovement of teaching methodsModernisation of learning environmentEstablishing the system of lifelong learning for public administration officialsDevelop an interdisciplinary approach in PA studiesDevelop cooperation between public – and private institutions"


Results for this project are not available.


Megatrend University


New Bulgarian University
PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society)
University of Valencia
University of Florence
PALGO Center
Singidunum University
Union University


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