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Start: 01/10/2011
Project Reference: 518733-LLP-1-2011-1-NL-ERASMUS-EAM
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When thinking of (Higher) Education, Distance Learning (DL) is not typically top-of-mind. Nevertheless, DL does have great potential to contribute to the life of individuals as well as the European objectives on lifelong learning (LLL), mobility and equality. The DL offering is expanding both in volume and in type: Online, Open, Blended learning; degree or credit programmes; by specialist DL institutes but also increasingly by (consortia of) traditional HEIs. Despite this growth and complexity, there is yet no information source on where to find and compare these different opportunities. Furthermore there exists little public awareness and many misconceptions on DL, its types and how these could fit to and benefit the individual. It is like having a great but hidden library without a register.

StudyPortals, Europe’s leading online study choice platform, partners with EADTU, Europe’s largest network of DL institutes, can answer to this information and awareness gap in a proven and sustainable way., will be a collaborative website that provides transparency to Europe’s offer on all types of DL. The user interface will be available in 4 languages and courses can be listed and searched in any European language. Visitors can find and compare thousands of opportunities based on their specific interest, offered by hundreds of European institutes. The portal is projected to reach out to half a million visitors, on a monthly basis. Furthermore, the introduction and awareness initiative (DLcentre) will both produce clear explanatory videos and articles as well as real-life experiences, explaining and concretising the broad field of DL to a massive audience.

EADEA-I will have a significant impact on both the quantity as quality of decisions for a DL education. Additionally it will provide a solid base for dissemination and exploitation of the vast amount of other initiatives and investments in the area of DL, virtual mobility and LLL.



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