Kompetenzentwicklung von Fremdsprachenlehrkräften im Netz und mit dem Netz - New Blended Learning und Web 2.0

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Start: 01-07-2014 - End: 30-06-2016
Project Reference: 2014-1-DE02-KA104-000506
EC Grant: 39,800 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Adult education staff mobility


In 2013, the Institute acquired interactive whiteboards (SMARTBoards) for all classrooms. The next step in the area of digital courses was to purchase tablets and introduce them in German as a foreign language (DaF) courses and in trainings for DaF teachers. In order to make this possible, stronger skill development of the teachers and educational staff was striven for in the use of interactive whiteboards, Web 2.0 applications, apps, and tablets. Teachers and educational staff were to be equipped with new skills —not only technical, but also didactic— through participation in structured courses. These courses additionally aimed to offer perspective into the lesson topics and methods of other countries. This way, the European dimension was to be highlighted, not only in our language courses, but also in our own trainings, which were mainly aimed at our colleagues from Europe.

In total, thirty-eight mobility measures were taken, which five staff members of the Institute and twenty-six freelance English and DaF trainers took part in. Freelance teachers were able to apply to take part in the mobility measures through an open call, so that even teachers who had never worked at the Institute could take part. All freelance teachers with a teaching load at our Institute had teaching jobs at other schools for adult education, so that, in addition to the intended purpose of improving instruction at our institute, the training measures benefitted many other educational institutions.

Although twenty-two trainings were originally planned, the number was raised to thirty-eight, because after the first open call was made, we found that too few teachers had applied to take part in a Monday to Friday training. After communicating with the teachers, we discovered that even a free training could not make up for the loss of earnings associated with taking an entire week off. As a result, we offered our first training on the didactic use of SMARTBoards as a three-day course from Friday to Sunday with our partners in the Netherlands.

Following this change, a new open call received a large response from freelance teachers. In addition to three staff of IIK (the educational managers of DaF from Düsseldorf and Berlin as well as the head of the training sector), twenty-one freelance teachers from Düsseldorf and Berlin took part in this training. The Institute arranged further courses for the teachers working in Düsseldorf and Berlin led by participants from the training in the Netherlands, increasing the reach and impact of the original course. The training led to more knowledgeable and varied didactic use of the SMARTBoards by almost all teachers at our Institute. In addition, the training eased the introduction of digital course materials on USB sticks.

The IT manager of IIK and the educational manager of the DaF division visited a one-week training on the use of tablets in Spain. Here, they were able to gather information for the planned acquisition of a class set of tablets. A three-day training was given in Austria about didactic use of tablets in DaF lessons and led to the first acquisition of a set of sixteen iPads for the Institute. Information about the first experiences with these iPads has already been gathered in ‘Test DaF’ exam trainings, and they will be used in the summer in two newly developed trainings for German teachers, which recipients of the KA1 scholarship from the Erasmus+ program often take part in.

The head of the training sector coordinated these activities in cooperation with the educational managers, who also selected teachers. The planned preparation and expected outcomes were achieved through teaching agreements with partners from other European countries who ran the trainings.

In addition to the desired outcomes of improved teaching activities and new training concepts, further effects were achieved on the national and international level through online and offline presentations. This has been a summary of the contents of the trainings and information about Erasmus+ and the possibilities for participation.



Ein kurzes Tutorial zur methodischen Nutzung von interaktiven Whiteboards, hier Smartboards, im Unterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache.
Erstellt von Uwe Mehlbaum, Teilnehmer an der Fortbildung ‘Using Interactive Whiteboards in Language Education’ in Amsterdam vom 27. Februar bis 01. März 2015.


Linkliste für nützliche Apps im Unterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache, aber auch im Fremdsprachenunterricht gut nutzbar.
Erstellt von den Referenten der Fortbildung "Daf am Tablet" vom 12. - 14. Februar in Wien, Frau Mag. Angelika Guettl-Strahlhofer und Prof. Dr. Christina Gatterer.

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