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Start: 03/03/2014
Project Reference: 549273-2-PT--2013-R3
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Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\European Voluntary Service


YOU in EU aims to promote volunteering experiences with following aims:
• To promote solidarity and tolerance
• To increase social cohesion among European youngsters
• To promote active citizenship and contacts between youngsters of different countries
• To offer opportunities of non-formal education to 12 youngsters with low opportunities
Beneficiaries are youngsters between 16 and 30 years old with low opportunities coming from Lisbon city centre and a suburb located in Loures, north-west city just out of Lisbon.
In those 2 areas Mais Cidadania has 2 youth centres where we have many cases of youngsters considered with low opportunities due to early school abandon, to inadequate economical conditions, unemployment or to situations of social exclusion that has as direct consequence the lack of self-esteem and of general interest in what is happening around them.
The low capacity of search for existing opportunities by themselves induces them to the auto-exclusion and turns necessary our monitoring and social intervention. In this way we always discover that under the skin of apparent non-interested people as they look like, they reveal a great potential of energy and skills overall concerning artistic and creative fields.
AMC in Portugal is the Coordinating and Sending Org and our partners from Italy, Greece, Sweden and Serbia are the Hosting Org: each partner will host small groups of volunteers. Duration of the service of the volunteers will last between 1 up to 2 months (see detailed schedule) being all short term projects.
Every Organization has different plans for the volunteers but all of them work on Citizenship, the promotion of Participation of youngsters and the breaking of social barriers through the promotion of Cultural diversity and encouragement to Outdoor activities and Healthy behaviours. Languages and methods are inserted in the context of non-formal education that stimulates the youngsters to express themselves in creative and personal ways.


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Associação Mais Cidadania; AMC

Rua do Teixeira, 13 1200-459
+351 966155245


CEMEA del Mezzogiorno onlus; CEMEA
Via Fortebraccio , 1/A 00176
Kungsbacka kommun; KK
Industrigatan , 2a 43432
Κοινωνική Ανάπτυξη Νέων; K.A.NE.
Plateia Othonos 10 & Dios Ithomata, null 24100
Centar lokalme demokratije LDA; LDA
Obrenoviceva , 28 18000


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