TRAINSITION! – Assisting young people who are disabled or with special needs in their transition from school to working life

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Project Reference: LdV/TOI/2007/AT/0020
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Austria, as the promoting country, already provides a counselling service for young persons with a disability – called Clearing – since 2000. In the Austrian NAP Incl 2003-2005 and within the Peer Review Programme in the field of social inclusion policies (see ) Clearing was promoted as a good practice example throughout the European Union.
The TRA¡NSITION! partnership aims at transferring the European model of good practice Clearing to our partner countries Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Czech Republic. High Level Transfer Workshops and regular plattform-meetings of the National Transfer Committee in each of the countries involved will guarantee for an effective transfer of knowledge & ideas.



By focussing on the important transition period, TRA¡NSITION! contributes to the joint European effort of improving the labour market situation of people with a disability. Those people supporting the transition and providing the necessary counselling service – transition facilitators – have to be highly skilled to be able to cope with the different environments and challenges at the interface between school and work. However, the qualification needed to work as a transition trainer is not standardized by now, leading to a high level of discretion in the provision of the service. This situation calls for a common curriculum and joint standards of training in a now scattered field of individual and often very limited training provisions.

The specific approach of the project – an active partnership of innovative educational organisations & service providers, the responsible public authorities in the respective countries (e.g. Social Ministries), experienced trainers for the Pilot Training & well-known European experts in the field of vocational integration of people with a disability – will not only secure the quality of the curriculum but also raise awareness for the importance of the interface between school and work, strengthen and further develop the job profile of transition trainers, support the development of a joint standard of training and further develop and improve methods of transition from school to work for young people with a disability. Transferability and sustainability of the products and results (e.g. Curriculum, CD-Rom, National Transfer Committee, Website, Conference) will be taken care of from the beginning (e.g. extensive development and testing phase, Transfer Workshops).

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Caritas Wien

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Social Work Advisory Board SWAB
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Symbiosis Foundation
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V Pevnosti 4 128 41 Prague, Prague

Bruselská 16 120 00 Prague, Prague

Institute for Rehabilitation Republic of Slovenia
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Umbrella Organisation 'Vocational Integration Austria'
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Hand in Hand Foundation
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