Youth for volunteering, nature and inclusion

1 Participating countries:
Start: 01-03-2016 - End: 31-03-2017
Project Reference: 570107-EPP-1-2015-2-XK-EPPKA2-CBY-WB
EC Grant: 53528 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Capacity Building for youth in neighbouring and enlargement countries


Focus of the project is capacity building for youth workers in organizing youth voluntary projects in and with rural/remote communities in natural areas, including protected ones. In order to better achieve this, partners have agreed the need to also enlarge and strengthen partnership with other organizations active in the field of nature conservation through youth and voluntary work. This project responds to these needs identified. Aim of the project is to increase quantity and quality of inclusive youth volunteering projects for nature conservation in rural/remote areas.Objectives:- Build capacity and raise competences in initiating, organising & leading quality volunteering projects for nature conservation in rural/remote communities- Empower youth organisations and their youth workers for strategic partnership developing and strengthening with different stakeholders on local and European level- Include climate change projections and adaption plan into the strategies of youth and voluntary projects in future- Give positive example through organizing YE on topics of nature, volunteering and inclusion in one of the communities- Provide time, space, framework and activities for youth organisations from various European countries to establish partnerships, learn and exchange about the project topics- Improve, create and experiment with new and innovative tools for organizing youth projects and specific activities within projects in direct cooperation with rural/remote communities and youth organization active or based in those communities- Introduce and promote E+ YiA & develop new projects & future local, SEE/WB regional and European level cooperation within the topicsProject “Youth for volunteering, nature and inclusion” consists of three core activities:1. Training course of youth workers (17-25 May 2016, in Peja, Kosovo): Quality volunteering projects for nature conservation in rural areas. There will be 32 participants, trainers and staff from 10 organisations from 9 countries (XK, RS, HR, MK, BG, GR, IT, AL, TR). It involves 21 out of 32 people with fewer opportunities.2. Youth exchange (15-26 August 2016, in Shtrpce, Kosovo): Nature connecting us. There will be 30 participants and leaders from 6 organisations and countries (XK, RS, HR, MK, BG, GR). It involves 24 out of 30 people with fewer opportunities3. Partnership-building activity (8-16 November 2016, in Gracanica, Kosovo): Together for sustainable future thanks to volunteering and youth exchanges. There will be 32 participants, trainers and staff from 23 organisations from 19 countries (XK, RS, HR, MK, BG, GR, IT, AL, TR, CY, CZ, FR, DE, LT, PL, PT, RO, SI, ES). It involves at least 15 out of 32 people with fewer opportunitiesBesides the training course, youth exchange and partnership-building activity, there are more preparation, evaluation and follow-up activities that all contribute significantly to the project achievement.


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Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise


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