Job shadowing at the University of Bergen in Norway - ICT Professor Solteszova, PhD

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Start: 01-06-2014 - End: 31-05-2015
Project Reference: 2014-1-AT01-KA104-000014
EC Grant: 1164 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Adult education staff mobility


In the course of my job shadowing at the University of Bergen in Norway , I would like to "shadow" Ms DI Veronika Solteszova PhD, associate professor at the Department of Informatics for several days and "observe" interesting teaching and project management practices on an European level for my future projects. In addition, we are planning a workshop to present our current and planned projects to identify and discuss potential cooperation opportunities in the context of new alls. Lessons learned and know-how transfer by exchanging experience are essential elements of my job shadowing. Through this way a sustainable and trusting foundation for a potential cooperation and collaboration should be build.

In the course of the job shadowing I want to gain know how by interviewing university staff . My visit to Phd Veronika Solteszova at the Department of Informatics at the University of Bergen offers the unique possibility to get an insight into international ICT university projects and know how (project structure , sequence , processes, communication , dissemination , evaluation, didactics, methodology, e -learning and other innovative new methods and models ). A sustainable aim is to transfer the know-how to my E-learning project, trainings, seminars and workshops in Austria. My overall goal as micro SME is to be play an active role in a future successful European project.

Ing. Mag. Dr. Katharina Fellnhofer (1 female person)
In 02/2010 I established my company after my PhD studies at Leopold-Franzens University in Austria. After writing my dissertation I founded the legal entity - micro SME - with three main commercial sectors "service of automatic data processing", "innovation consultancy" and "trainings and seminars". Beside my ICT trainings and entrepreneurial education seminars I am active as an ICT Web Entrepreneur with two web projects: the independent agricultural platform and the E-learning platform

Shadowing and interviewing the assistant professor Phd Veronika Solteszova and her colleagues at BTO. Asking questions about her methods, seminars, trainings, experience and lesson learned in European project management. My long run goal is to identify potential cooperation projects for a future collaboration.
Observed in the course of personal interviews I would like to get answers and ideas to following questions :
(x) How can academic and business cooperate in the area of ICT in a creative and successful manner?
(x) What special skills, tools, ideas, software, games, models, studies, results, evaluation tools, plans, experience and methods are used in acadmic seminars, trainings, R&D projects, and European project management?
(x) What about our future? Brainstorming and evaluating cooperation and collaboration ideas in the area of future calls
SHORT DESCRIPTION of the results impact
The desired impact of the job shadowing will be that I implement the new learned and discussed methods in-class, in my ICT trainings, in my seminars and workshops. I will use all gained information and knowledge for my future European projects. At an international level I will prepare case studies of my own business and other female ICT European counterparties and wide spread them through international academic channels in the long run. Tangible results are the improvement of my practical e-learning tools Intangible results include knowledge and experience gained, increased skills or achievements, improved cultural awareness and of course better language skills.


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