Development and utilisation of multi-lingual educational video clips (ConClips) applied by craftsmen and site supervisors (with a focus on migrants) to gain skills for the construction of passive houses

7 Participating countries:
Start: 01/10/2013
Project Reference: 540032-LLP-1-2013-1-AT-LEONARDO-LMP
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Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\LEONARDO DA VINCI\Multilateral projects on Innovation


As a consequence of the EU-'Directive on the energy performance of buildings' the construction business demands a high amount of skilled workers in passive house and nearly zero-energy building construction but still faces a lack of such experts.
In addition approx. 15 to 20% of 11 million people being directly employed in the European construction sector are migrants (EU and non-EU) with outdated skills and the existing training infrastructure in their home country is not sufficient to retrain them.
In this respect the project ConClip will develop and produce eight short multi-lingual educational video clips (ConClips) showing the proper fitting of construction and installation parts in passive houses to avoid the most common construction defects. The ConClips will be downloadable on mobile phones and on a website in the project partners' languages (Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Serbian) and in Polish and Turkish (referring to the main migrant groups in the construction business). With this approach the ConClips can be applied within the working environment and enable integrating learning with working by offering a training tool responding to actual labour market needs.
The project will also work on didactics and a methodology to integrate ConClips in formal and non-formal learning by using courses offered by the consortium members, associated partners and newly gained cooperation partners. Teaching staff and companies in the construction business (indirect target groups) will participate in workshops to get an understanding of ConClips.
Finally the project will commit at least one educational institution per project country to utilise ConClips and companies to finance at least four new ConClips after the project end.
With a variety of dissemination activities – deploying construction companies, Economic Chambers, the media, construction fairs and public events – the direct and indirect target groups will be informed.


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