Youth Eco-Style

4 Participating countries:
Start: 10-01-2016 - End: 09-12-2016
Project Reference: 2015-3-LT02-KA105-004496
EC Grant: 31660 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility


The main project “Youth Eco-Style” theme - environmental ecology and youth volunteering.The project aim is to inspire young people-in the hearts of the belief that everything is possible to do everything to reach, teach teamwork, inter cultural cooperation, and environmental education, teaching, recycling, and volunteering at an example. In this project, the main activities will be part of the Youth Eco-Style design and construction.The project aims to build an Eco house, consisting of organic, natural materials, the use of natural resources granted to the mother (hay, clay, etc.)., processing of recyclables, as well as renewable energy resources. This will mean a lot. This youth Eco house will be an example to others not only how to inexpensive, healthy, eco-equipped youth activities space, to show for young peoples -everything is possible, to show the construction of youth cooperation, teamwork, intercultural experience sharing can do amazing things and realize even hard ideas. At the end of the project it will have continuity and a very clear purpose in-house will be held in the youth classes will create space for youth activities. Therefore, the project name is "Youth Eco-Style" The project will result in a long-term and realistic example of minimal resources conserve nature can promote youth activities, volunteering and provide young people with more tools and options for activities. It is important to understand that in this project the construction and building of Eco house just tool to reach and show fundamental goals and ideas of this project. The process is carried out through non-formal education methods and creativity, as an example of one of the project coordinators in Youth Forum already organized non-formal education activities building "peace tank" that was during European Youth Week - Youth Forum. It also contributed in Jonava resulting project "European house". Therefore, this project is not very realistic as final targeting under construction, but the importance is in process of non-formal education activities focused on the participants' personal growth and development. During the project program there will be a lot of other non-formal education, inter cultural learning, creativity, and teamwork, cultural and other activities. The project will involve three international partners, Italy, Spain, Poland and Lithuania. Choose partners so that we can trust each other and cognizant of preparing the implementation of this complex project. In project will participate 10 people from each of the partners jointly to form a group of 40 participants. Project’s duration will be 13 days, because of the complex and difficulty of the activities. Partners that is taking part in this unique project: Asociacija Ruklos bendruomene; ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE STRAUSS; Fundacja "Centrum Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji"; Asociación Sociocultural Isla CreActiva


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Asociacija Ruklos bendruomene

Piliakalnio 14-61, 55025
Rukla, Jonavos r.
Kauno apskritis
Organisation type: Other


Asociación Sociocultural Isla CreActiva
La Laguna
Organisation type: Other
Fundacja "Instytut Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji"
Organisation type: Other
Organisation type: Other


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