Labourons nos idées : créativité et culture des jeunes en milieu rural

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Start: 01-02-2016 - End: 30-06-2016
Project Reference: 2015-3-FR02-KA347-010808
EC Grant: 16910 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Support for policy reform
Action Type: Dialogue between young people and policy makers


For this structured dialogue project, we seek to engage young people and policy makers on the topic of rural culture and questions the role of culture as an engine of living together in our society. The rural culture is a territorial development factor, and enables notably to work on attracting new populations, work on bringing together people around a common project, to discuss intercultural and enrichment that can cause mutual dialogue and exchange experiences in the territory. It is also a factor of development as it stimulates the economy of a country, via the festive initiatives or artists residence reception. Culture is an attractive asset for a territory. However, at which points the elected are they aware of it? At what points do the rural youth they feel responsible to support cultural activities? We want young people to discover initiatives, build their opinions with policy makers or non-profit organization leaders, this will give them a taste for commitment and action. For this, we will proceed in two steps:- 5 local youth gatherings- 1 national gathering The various gatherings will be based on the specific pedagogy MRJC, with a mix of debates, visits, to reach more concretely some projects and exchanges of knowledge between participants. Finally, this project will seek to produce effects in different terms:- Short-term, we aim to promote youth engagement for the rural culture. We want policy makers to involve young people in the definition of cultural policy or in the management of associations for culture initiatives.- Long-term, we aim to make many rural areas lively territories, where there is opportunity for emancipation, increased citizen participation in local actions and cultural animation of the territory.


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