Sharing good practices for Social Innovation

6 Participating countries:
Start: 01-07-2017 - End: 31-12-2018
Project Reference: 2017-1-IT03-KA205-010391
EC Grant: 56805 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for youth


Unemployment among young people in the EU has risen very sharply since the breakout of the financial crisis in 2008, reaching unprecedented levels. However, for over a decade the unemployment rate of young people in the EU has remained approximately at double the rate of the overall unemployment in the economy while, at the same time, the use of flexible, fixed-term contracts and alternative forms of employment has been increasing.
This has resulted in growing job insecurity and systematic labour market and social exclusion of young people at the very beginning of their professional careers with many of them moving directly from education to unemployment or taking up temporary jobs below their qualifications. The crisis has exacerbated this trend raising the threat of a 'lost generation' in particular in some European countries, as social disadvantages of young unemployed are multi-faceted, including for example higher risk of poverty, precariousness and social exclusion, disaffection, insecurity, higher propensity towards offence and crime, as well as health problems. This concerns both EU citizens as well as third country nationals or second generation migrants. A comprehensive understanding of the long-term consequences of these developments is therefore crucial for successful economic, social and labour market policies that could address in a comprehensive way this problem now and in the future.


Our proposal aims to endorse all young people of the European Union and boost creativity and competitiveness. To Contribute to reach all aims of Europa 2020 about SI.

The specific Objectives are:

1) To develop entrepreneurial skills of the participants;
2) To provide the participants with information on how to develop, validate and implement social entrepreneurial projects and enterprises;
3) To Exchange experience, tools and best practices concerning SI;
4) To equip the participants with tools and methods on the development of entrepreneurial skills among young people;
5) To develop new methods and tools on the topic of social entrepreneurship;
6) To provide the participants with information about opportunities of the Erasmus+ Programme and to support the establishment of new partnerships;
7) To develop solidarity, promote tolerance and foster mutual understanding between people with different backgrounds through initiating intercultural dialogue between them and common transnational projects.

The project consists of 3 main activities:

- To organize a Training activity to Develop a Common frame about Social Innovation;
- To create a Local Support Group in each project partner’s country in order to co-create and develop a social enterprises’ ideas;
- To develop a Catalogue of Best Practices concerning Social innovation

The main results of the project will be triggering inspiration in order to create new enterprises (including social enterprises) independently or on the NGOs' base and activities for young people on the topic of social entrepreneurship implemented by project participants in their countries. Promoting social innovation among the local partners’ NGO in order to help them to become sustainable as well as involving bigger number of young people in NGO and social entrepreneurship issues are longer term benefits after the project.

Target: Youth, Youth workers, students, young entrepreneurs,.

Expected impact:
The proposal will contribute to endorse European talents and give them the possibility to understand better and reach their personal goals.
The project should promote a decrease of unemployment rate and favorite a new debates at International and National level about new innovative tools to face unemployment and give to young people skills and tools to make them active workers and citizens.
In addition the project will help vulnerable groups to overcome their difficulty in order to enter in the labour market.


Results for this project are not yet available. They might become available after the project's end date.


DEMOSTENE Centro Studi per la Promozione dello Sviluppo Umano

Via A. Diaz 66, 72022

Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise


Comunidad Valenciana
Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise
Kairos Europe Limited
Inner London
Organisation type: School/Institute/Educational centre – Vocational Training (secondary level)
Up2Europe SASU
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Organisation type: Small and medium sized enterprise
Aττική (Attiki)
Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise
Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise
Organisation type: Small and medium sized enterprise


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