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Currently, training organisations in Europe which train advisers working with VSEs do not offer specific training in Strategy. VSE managers also tend to be very wary about applying management techniques and they are therefore left with no structured support to deal with the constantly changing context and to take into account Sustainable Development. Today, VSEs are finding themselves in serious financial situations without knowing why. Strategy can prepare VSEs to face these different problems. It is the only method for making decisions in the medium term for VSEs. There has been some innovative work in VSE management but there is no complete Strategy training for VSE managers which brings together the previous work and includes sustainability. Therefore, the partners of STRAT-Training felt that a wider (transnational) level was necessary to share their tools, methods and techniques in order to benefit of each other. Partners wanted to contribute to a new programme which can receive a national qualification so that training organisations and Trainers from across Europe may obtain the complete, tested and adapteble to local context training contents for sustainable Strategy management support for VSEs.



Through the sharing of good practices, partners have brought together a certain number of management tools and the skills for using them, methods for mobilising Trainers, advisers and VSE managers to come to training sessions and a set of behavioural/attitude techniques for working with VSEs. They put particular emphasis on behaviour and attitude: trainers must be able to train advisers with the capacity and behavioural techniques for responding to each individual VSE (as they have different needs, a different context and will react differently).
The partners have already looked at the complementarity of the selected contents, tools, methods and techniques. The following stages took place during the project:
1. Explanation of the aims, utilisation and skills required for each tool, behavioural/attitude technique and mobilisation/marketing method
2. Application and tests by the Trainers of the tools and techniques in real situations with students, advisors and VSEs
3. Evaluation and adaptation of the use of tools and skills by Trainers and their impact for VSE managers.
4. The complete STRAT-Training programme has been promoted and disseminated

The target groups of STRAT-Training are Training organisations and the Trainers who have been trained.

The consortium
6 partners: France, UK, Spain, Denmark, Greece (and 1 silent partner from Switzerland).

• Common training content for trainers with material for vocational training (complete training manual)
• Mobilisation methods to attract target groups
• A book on the necessary skills for being an advisor in Strategy (behaviour, attitude and skills)
• Trainers’ practical training experiences
• Qualification of STRAT-Training vocational skills (partners' programmes)

The first objective is the integration of the strategic support of the VSEs. To make it, the partners decided with the support of the program Leonardo to register this "subject" in the training programs of the partners of the project and their national networks, with an European recognition (ECVET). Other training institutions from other countries will be able to use the toolbox of strategic support of the decision-makers of VSEs. This one includes methods to lead a company by taking into account the sustainable development in a shifting context.Besides the target groupes of STRAT-Training that are the bodies of education, initial and lifelong learning centers, and their teachers and trainers, the project will also have an impact on indirect targets: advisers and decision-makers of the VSEs involved in the project, as well as the pedagogical councellors of teaching and vocational training.

Other data

This publication gathers pedagogical information on the main tools shared and transferred during the STRAT-Training project. The aim is that it can be used by teachers and trainers of farms and rural VSEs, and used to build their own training content, depending on their needs and context.

Other data

A strategy for engaging users of Strategic Tools. How to draw people to this training? How to engage them over a period of time? How to show the necessity of Strategy?

Other data

Trainers and advisors need specific skills to apply the Tool Box presented in the Pedagogical Guide. When an adviser works with a VSE manager, he must be able to adapt so as to define, develop and employ the right tools for a particular issue. This books sets out the necessary skills.

Other data
STRAT-Training_Profile Tool Book.pdf
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