Nové horizonty žilinských stavbárov

3 Participating countries:
Start: 01-07-2014 - End: 30-06-2015
Project Reference: 2014-1-SK01-KA102-000132
EC Grant: 39244 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: VET learner and staff mobility


The project belongs to the type of Project Mobility of learners and employees in VET. Construction is a fast growing area of the economy, but the school system does not respond as fast with current textbooks, using innovative methodss and procedures in preparation for the profession. A goal of our project is to give our future builders the opportunity to gain new experience, special skills and abilities in their profession beyond the borders of their country while applying what they have learned in the theoretical and practical training at school. The graduates of the school become empowered and more attractive for business or construction companies and will be successful on the labor market at home and abroad. In order to better linking theory with practice, it is necessary to cotinually educate, learn about new trends in the construction industry both students as well as teachers of vocational subjects and practical training teachers. Project therefore involved students aged 16 to 18 years in profession of bricklayer and operator of construction industry as well as teaching staff. 20 students coming from economically weaker families, thanks to the project are given the opportunity to grow personally and profesionally. During each batch they shall be accompanied by one person with knowledges of the teaching language. These participants are eager for new knowledges. Scholarship gives them the opportunity to extend their special, professional, social and multicultural competence. They become more independent and selfconfident of which we assume, based on previous experience - students are seeking to participate in various building competitions to represent their school or region. During the scholarship they set up a computerized module of auxiliary template for masonry, learn about new bond of masonry in the construction of columns, segmental arches, barrel vaults, they apply their acquired skills and abilities in the reconstruction of practical training center in Opole in Poland, figure resting areas for students in practical training, complete structure of playground supporting the physical activities of children in a housing estate in Žilina. Their language competence in the creation of German-Polish-Slovak technical dictionary, prepare workbook of technological advances as a teaching tool for building professional subjects.
Students learn teamwork in mixed language groups, improve their selfconfidence and authonomy. Students initially analyze their theoretical knowledges and create their possible approach to realize the desired tasks. Teachers of practical training and their instructors motivate and direct them to achieve the final goal of the project. After completion of the daily activities the participants evaluate their performances, compare each other and learn to be objective and self-critical. Vocational teachers can extend their professional competencies. They also prepare the teaching models, photo documentation and written documentation that will enhance the progress of the learning process. Long-term benefit will be also updating of teaching materials of outdated textbooks and informing students about innovative practices. The project includes two activities in the three batches – in September – October 2014 in Germany and in April 2015 in Poland where will be held the first activity of students learning at vocational schools and in October 2014 will be held training for 5 teachers in Germany.


Results for this project are not available.


Stredna odborna skola stavebna,Tulipanova2, Zilina

Tulipanova 2, 011 62
Žilinský kraj

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Berufsförderungswerk e.V. des Bauindustrieverbandes Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
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Zespol Szkol Budowlanych im.Papieza Jana Pawla II
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