Języki obce otwierają drzwi do wiedzy, przyjaźni i świata. /Languages open the door to knowledge, friendship and the world.

1 Participating countries:
Start: 07-09-2014 - End: 06-09-2016
Project Reference: 2014-1-PL01-KA101-000900
EC Grant: 52134 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: School education staff mobility


Languages open the door to knowledge, friendship and the world ERASMUS PLUS Project is conducted at VIII Prywatne Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące in Kraków, Poland (Academic High School No 8 in Kraków, Poland). It aims at supporting and uplifting the quality of teaching and knowing foreign languages, bilingual teaching methods, IT tools used in the classroom environment by language and subject teachers, tutors as well as school boards which should result in helping Polish students and `sojourn children` to overcome daily (especially bilingual) learning challenges. We believe that by giving a chance to 24 teachers and school educators to take part in European Teaching and Language Courses and to let them get acquainted with teaching methods used in a European schooling (content learning, IT in language classes, self-learning evaluation, student-centre-learning, global learning, subject correlation, content teaching), participants will implement learnt `best practises` into their teaching so as our students might become global learners, who are ready to live and work in the shrinking and globalized world. Some of our students also dream of studying abroad, thus a good teaching board might be the source of great knowledge and guidance for a life-long learning. Besides, `sojourn children` knowing that they learn in a postive, communicative and professional school environment where teachers and boards are familiar with European systems of educations, standards, cultures, active methods of teaching and use IT on regular basis, will assimilate into the school frames smoothly and without too high level of stress. Thanks to the mobilities, teachers and tutors maintain a good communicative thread with `sojourn parents` too. We are confirmed that the project will open the door to knowledge, friendship and the world to all project participants and our students. As a school we wish that educational projects with newly met partners will take place in our school in a form of students mobilities, student-exchanges, web-conferences, cultural events, blog writing. To sum up, because of the project the quality of teaching, learning and creating a students-friendly school environment will lead to become a high quality school which is open to constant changes of XXI century.
Erasmus plus Project, Action 1 for teachers, entitled: Languages Open the Door to Knowledge and Friendship to the World, was conducted thanks to the budget of the EU in years 2014-2016. 24 school Staff member (teachers and administrative figures) of our school took part in language or CLIL workshops across Europe: including English Teachers: 5mobilities, Spanish Teachers: 2 mobilities; French Teacher: 1 mobility; German teachers: 2 mobilities; Bilingual subject teachers: 12 mobilities and Administrative Staff: 2 mobilities. Languages of Instruction were: English, Spanish, German. After participating in a wide-range of professional development workshops, our high school teachers and administrative staff have founded their tool bank of ideas and resources which has been greatly increased across all grade levels. Our participants are aware of the fact that all teachers are language teachers, and therefore the support they received during the workshop gave them greater confidence when applying curriculum and strategies within their classrooms to Polish and international children. It is hoped that the combination of the teachers personal growth and their work on a better language aquisition and knowledge will continue to give insight into the growth of the students as well as provide valuable information when tracking the ELL students as they go from early years to secondary school (some students attend our school since 1st grade of primary school). Such a school-based grant let our teachers and administrative staff to meet subject-teachers and important staff administrative leaders, who constitute the platform between the school and children`s home; from other countries and understand different European systems of education and bilingual and multilingual challenges of our students. It can be helpful in our school community, when there is a growing number of expat children and we need to support their education once they come from differen walks of life. Mobility courses took places in Great Britain, Malta, Spain, Italy, France, and Austria. The Project is an example of building up the school of tomorrow connected with a global education. During the School International Days, our teachers presented examples of teaching materials introduced to our school environment in front of the staff members, so our school can really make a change in our school environment and face challenges of shrinking world. Finally, the Erasmus teachers have built a resource platform for all teachers in our school out of newly obtained methodological materials and plan to continue their life learning journey.


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Prywatne Akademickie Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace

Karmelicka 45, 31-128

Organisation type: School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (secondary level)


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