Warming up relationships

3 Participating countries:
Start: 01-09-2016 - End: 30-04-2017
Project Reference: 2016-2-NL02-KA105-001435
EC Grant: 22438 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility


Project title: Warming up relations in symbolic way represents warming of the relations among countries and especially among young people. In the framework of this project we plan to implement 2 youth exchanges, one in The Netherlands and one in Republic of Serbia and 2 APV meetings, before each exchange. Mobility dates are: Dronten, The Netherlands from 31th of October to 6th of November 2016 and Sabac, Serbia from 16th to 24th of January 2017. APVs will be organized in Droten from 19th till 20 th of September, 2016 and in Sabac from 5th till 6th December 2016.By this project partners want to contribute to fostering youth active citizenship through promoting tolerance, diversity and development of values of a multicultural European society, according to the fundamental principles of an open democratic society. Objectives: 1. to raise awareness about cultural diversity in Europe; 2. to support young people in standing for tolerance and against hate speech; 3. to mobilize and network young people coming from different backgrounds for active citizenship; 4. to contribute to young people’s personal and social development, 5. to promote Erasmus+ programme as a tool for promoting tolerance, diversity and development of values of a multicultural European society.Methods of non-formal and informal learning will be applied.International activities offer to young people mainly those with fewer opportunities an opportunity to experience solidarity and tolerance, to fight racism and hate speech at European level and to widen their own horizons and become more open-minded.Relevance of our project is evident because the work with inclusion and diversity under Erasmus+ fits into the wider framework of the Europe 2020 strategy that aims to generate smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the EU.Better understanding differences and bridging the gap between cultures by young people including those with fewer opportunities is urgent and necessary for stability and development of the European society. Two APVs are planned for 2 persons from each organization/country plus youth worker from the host organization, in total 7 persons per APV.Participants of youth exchanges will be young people from 3 countries, 7 per country per exchange, 21 in total plus 6 group leaders from: The Netherlands, Finland and Serbia and 1 youth worker per exchange (one from The Netherlands and 1 from Serbia). In total it will be 28 persons per exchange. The same young people will be at both exchanges because both activities are part of one process. Partners expect to have a team of youngsters capable to organize by themselves local initiatives with help of the partner organisations in each country demonstrating what they have learnt and to show the results to different stakeholders.


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