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Start: 01-06-2017 - End: 31-05-2018
Project Reference: 2017-1-HU01-KA101-035196
EC Grant: 27258 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: School education staff mobility


The pressure to enrol students at primary schools is constantly urging our institution for renewal which we wish to complete through strengthening its role to provide critical educational foundations. Having surveyed the needs of the children and their parents in our school, we decided to launch our new enrichment program with the ultimate goal to educate students who are good at both their studies and sports and also communicate well in English. Our aim is to make English learning natural and available for the children on a daily basis, a routine that is already established in sports classes. With this we not only wish to support and advocate educating EU conscious proactive citizens but want to stabilize their sports careers in the future. Our aim is to teach children who will welcome the values of the European Union, become interested in different cultures and even want to build contacts with them. To form such open-minded youth, teachers need to be highly qualified and have exemplary personalities. We strongly believe in life-long learning and have built partnerships with different schools already. Furthermore, our intent to use new ICT tools during classes prove that our institution is in the possession of the necessary tools to motivate teachers who are always ready for renewal and capable of forming strong communities of their students. This is the reason why we are proud to support our colleagues to undertake courses abroad that harmonise so well with the aims of the school.
The six elementary school teacher candidates have an important role in launching the Grosics Model. Arts and PE classes instructed in English will be introduced in their classes next year. For this, strong linguistic and professional background is needed. The teachers have language exams and many years’ teaching experience which provides a good base for their language and methodology trainings. Their main task is to teach English in a playful, easy way which they will be able to realise more efficiently after finishing the courses, having gained fresh linguistic and cultural experience and having mastered the new methodology and tools.
The four secondary school teacher candidates have been chosen to cover the three main fields we want to develop through the Grosics Model. They all consider that motivation in language learning is of great importance, therefore they are continuously taking part in different training programmes themselves. Their further aims include making after-school activities more colourful and expanding the circle of international contacts of our institution.
In order to develop education in our school it is extremely important for our teachers to gain some international experience on different mobility programmes where they can have the chance to learn about new methodologies and be exposed to different cultures in a native speaking environment.
Having been elected, the teacher candidates immediately started working together, fully supporting each other during the process. In order to fully benefit from this programme, we make great efforts to thoroughly prepare our teachers for their courses and make sure they come back equipped with the necessary tools to attain the objectives of this project. This way they will not only become more sensitive to cultural diversity but become more confident English speakers – two skills which will be highly important when introducing natural bilingual teaching. They will come back with better ICT skills, which will help them prepare lesson plans for students and use technology in the classroom with higher language proficiency. The selected courses contain a lot of practical ideas which is important because our teachers do not want to learn about theories but rather engage in student-centred activities, which create real values. They will have a chance to build complex international contacts which later can open new perspectives for their classes as well. When children use English to speak with their peers abroad, they are especially motivated. That is why we consider eTwinning an exceptional opportunity. We have already contacted a school in England, with which we are planning to have mutual video lessons. Todays’ children can really be motivated this way; course books and frontal teaching methods are outdated.
Our short-term goal after finishing the courses is that we will be able to have more colourful and exciting lessons that address the challenges of our time. Our teachers will have the power to give professionally immaculate lessons. On the long run our students will enjoy learning languages and consider them useful. They will be aware of their importance in their future life. Our long-time goal is to see our students as confident European citizens of the future who are protected by solid foundations and want to take an active part in the European mobility.


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Organisation type: School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (primary level)


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