Improve Professional Orientation - Fitting Jobs for All

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The project ImPrO-F “Improve Professional Orientation – Fitting Jobs for All” with partners from AT, DE, ES, LT, and UK focused on the professionalisation of VET staff (especially VET teachers, trainers, supervisors in companies, and career guidance practicioners) responsible for the professional orientation of adolescents at risk of social exclusion.
In preparation of the project the consortium partners identified gaps in the support of young person’s facing the transition from schooling (or other initial education measures) to working life which results in high youth unemployment rates in many European countries. This can, among other things, be affiliated to the unsatisfactory qualification of the involved staff (see e.g. OECED/EU Commission 2004/2005, CEDEFOP 2004, Ertelt 2007, Bylinkski/Franz 2009).
The partners, all active in the fields of training, coaching, schooling, employment, work with pupils and parents, initial vocational training and integration of migrants wanted to close this gap by fostering the knowledge, skills and competences (ksc) of staff responsible for the professional orientation of young persons. Therefore it was needed to boost the cooperation between school and the world of work. The overall aims of the project were to support adolescents at risk of social exclusion, support their successful transition to work life and thus reduce youth unemployment.



To achieve these objectives the project partners implemented as follows:
At project start national working groups were founded in all partner countries, consisting of stakeholders from school, companies, policy makers and educational institutions. Thus, the cooperation between institutions of vocational education and training and the world of work was supported.
The partners met at four steering group meetings (in November 2012, June 2013, December 2013 and in June 2014). At the first meeting, they worked out the ImPrO-F Glossary which was then translated into all project languages. A European Comparison Report with best-practice examples, based on the country reports of partner countries regarding national (further) education systems and possible support during the professional orientation, was compiled in the first year of the project. Furthermore, an informative project website was developed.Information as the project flyer and posters in all languages, as well as the bi-annual eNewsletter could be used for further dissemination, e.g. at conferences, different meetings with interested organisations and VET professionals, trade days, etc..
The most important outcome of the project was the ImPrO- F training course with training manual. This training course aimed at the target group VET professionals, i.e. teachers, trainers and counsellors working with young job seekers. It consists of six modules on the following topics: Theoretical Background, Competence Assessment, Peer Counselling/ Mentoring, Inclusion of Companies in professional orientation, Prevention of Early Drop Out and Inclusion of Parents, Support Measures of Public Administration. The ImPrO-F training manual is available in English, German, Spanish and Lithuanian.
The ImPrO-F training aims at improving the knowledge, skills and competences of VET professionals so that they can offer individualised and targeted support for young job seekers - especially for those young people who are at risk of social exclusion.
The ImPrO-F course was validated in all partner countries, and a concept for the implementation of the course was created. All project partners were - mainly on a national basis – active regarding exchange, cooperation and networking with other projects in the field.
In December 2013, a transnational training course was held in Madrid. After completion of the ImPrO-F material, more national training courses as well as national transfer workshops and further activities for the dissemination of the course material took place in all partner countries.
The project conference in Austria in June 2014 was the last highlight and the final event of the project.
The training course with training manual is available on the project website and the European database ADAM. All partner organisations did/ will offer further ImPrO-F trainings for interested VET professionals also after the end of the project lifetime.
In Germany the project results are given to interested partners and partner organisations which use them for training and the development of new projects. In Austria, a training course at the FH Kärnten, based on the results of the project, is being planned.

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Projekt Impro-F - Improve Professional Orientation! Please visit our website to find out about the projekt partners´ collaboration!

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Poster and flyer were/ are used for information about the project and dissemination. All partners distribute(d) flyers at e.g. conferences, meeting with natinal working group, and other appropriate events.

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Report (English) comparing inter alia the national career guidance system and professional orientation within school and VET systems in Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Spain and UK.

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WP 1 ImPrO-F European Comparison Report .pdf
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Glossary with the most important terms in the field of professional orientation in all partner languages

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WP 1 ImPrO-F Glosario ES.pdf
WP 1 ImPrO-F Glossar DE.pdf
WP 1 ImPrO-F Glossary EN.pdf
WP 1 ImPrO-F Žodynėlis LT.pdf
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Strategy for the dissemination of ImPrO-F products, mainly the Training Course/ Training Handbook.

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ImPrO-F Dissemination Strategy.pdf
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The ImPrO-F Training Course is modular training material for VET professionals like e.g. trainers, teachers and counsellors, working with adolescents looking for professional orientation, supervisors in companies, career coordinators.

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The ImPrO-F newsletter delivered interessting information/ news about the project and its aims and objectives, the project partners, the progress of the project and highlights like e.g. the transnational Training Course in Madrid, Spain (December 2013) and the Final Conference in Klagenfurt, Austria (June 2014).

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