Renewable Energy for Future Generations

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Topic of renewable energy is for various reasons - environmental and economic - of major interest and importance to EU countries. In Slovakia, as well as CZ, the sector of energy is a "green field". Therefore EkoFond has initiated a programme for secondary schools to educate students in a new study programme "technician for energy facilities in buildings" (TEFB) accredited by the SR Ministry of Education, which fills in the gap at the labour market for this type of experts. Its students have access not only to the latest information in the area of power engineering and renewable sources of energy, but also have modernised workshops with innovative technologies at their disposal. The project REFUGE is a part of this big project.
A set of new occupations related to renewable energies promotion and production are emerging throughout Europe. REFUGE project identified and analysed these new occupations and produced job profiles/ standards and developed training curricula for counsellors/ advisors and teachers of VET in energy sector. This is missing in SR and CZ. Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family SR has a national task to develop a catalogue of all occupations, at present it started with occupations for wood processing and musical instruments production and plans to develop for all occupations. ŠIOV (our partner P6) is involved in this task and the handbook developed in the framework of the REFUGE project could be used for this catalogue.
REFUGE project builds on the results of the European project EARTHCARE from where the innovation is transferred - handbook for career advisers/counsellors and job profiles in renewable energy, training curricula. Project REFUGE integrates the above two previous products in a complete support package for vocational counsellors, advisors and teachers that can be trained to guide young people in the new occupational field of renewable energy, and completes it with development of new text books on RES.



Objectives of the project are:
a: to improve skills and competencies of people, especially young people, in initial vocational training at all
levels, with a view to facilitating their integration into the labour market.
The proposed project developed job profiles/standards for new occupations related to renewable energy. It
provides occupational counsellors and advisors with a set of tools and training in order to be able to inform
young people about the job opportunities, requirements and VET provision on these topics, facilitating thus their
integration into the labour market. Young people whom the counsellors will address, may be at all levels of initial
VET as there is a variety of jobs, related to renewable energies.
b: to promote and reinforce the contribution of vocational training to the process of innovation, with a view
to improving competitiveness and entrepreneurship, also in view of new employment possibilities.
REFUGE by defining job profiles and standards and by developing tools,training curricula for counsellors and new text books on RE contributed positively to the enhancement of new employment possibilities in the renewable energy sector.
Aims of the project also were:
- improve European dimension of the guidance in the specific field of new renewable energy related occupations·
- improve career information on these occupations·
- improve education of students in renewable energy via development of text books
- fill in the gap at the labour market via education of students in the new study programme TEFB
- contribute to the development of the energy and mainly renewable energy sector

The project results (handbook with job profiles, training of career advisers/counsellor and teachers, new text books in RE) help to educate students in such study programme which is unique in SR and CZ and its graduates fulfill the gap at the labour markets in this type of experts and services. All project results are incorporated into the educational system of the involved schools and countries.

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You can find all information about the project, all activities and products prepared so far.

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Typology: Product 9 - Websites, databases

The Handbook on occupations in RES consists of 2 parts. The first parts in a brief overview of RES and the 2nd part is detailed description of occupations in SK, CZ, IT, EL, UK, ES, FR (the last five taken over from the original project Earthcare). It is a textbook which can be also used for training of educational advisers and counsellors during their training.

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Typology: Product 4 - New curricula and qualifications

The curricula for training of educational advisers was developed for the area of RES in order to train the educational advisers and counsellors about the RES area and description of occupations in this are. The curricula will be used by regular training which did not exist ion the past.

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Typology: Product 4 - New curricula and qualifications

During the project REFUGE were developed 5 taxtbooks for especially the study programme technician for energy facilities in buildings, 3 of them also in CZ language:
- Energy sources for the 4th grade - SK and CZ languages
- Energy services and counselling - in Sk and CZ languages
- Economy - in CZ and Sk languages
- Electrotechnical equipment for the 2nd grade - in SK language
- Electrotechnical equipment for the 3rd grade - in Slovak language

The developed textbooks can be used by VET schools in SK and CZ.

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Typology: Product 2 - Handbooks, manuals, other training tools

For dissemination about the project and its results were also used leaflets prepared during the project - initial leaflet with basic information about the project and final project leaflet about the results of the project.

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Typology: Product 8 - Material productions out of events/projects: publications, CD-Rom, CDs, DVD, tapes, artistic products etc.

A short video about the project reults for prepared for dissemination purposes. It is uploaded on the project website and all project partners can use it.

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