Das Projekt REFUGE (REnewable Energy for FUture GEnerations) – Erneuerbare Energie für zukünftige Generationen,

3 Participating countries:
Project Reference: 2011-1-SK1-LEO05-02879
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Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\LEONARDO DA VINCI\Multilateral projects on Innovation


Das Projekt REFUGE (REnewable Energy for FUture GEnerations) – Erneuerbare Energie für zukünftige Generationen, wird im Rahmen des Programms für lebenslanges Lernen des Leonardo da Vinci-Programms für multilaterale Projekte zum „Innovationstransfer“ im Jahr 2011 unter der Nummer 11310 1618 gefördert.
Das Projekt soll innerhalb von 24 Monaten, vom Dezember 2011 bis Ende November 2013, realisiert werden. Der Realisator und Hauptpartner des Projektes ist EkoFond, ein von SPP gegründeter Non-Investments-Fonds; die Projektpartner sind das Trainings- und Beratungsunternehmen IDEC S.A. aus Griechenland, Integrovaná střední škola (Integrierte Mittelschule) aus der Tschechischen Republik, SOŠ elektrotechnická (Elektrotechnische Fachschule) Trnava, Spojená škola Kremnička (Integrierte Schule) Banská Bystrica, SOŠ technická (Technische Fachschule) Prešov und Štátny ústav odborného vzdelávania (Staatliches Institut für Berufsbildung).



Hauptergebnisse des Projektes:
Handbuch der Berufe im Bereich der erneuerbaren Energieträger
Curriculum für Training und das eigentliche Training der Erziehungs- und Berufsberater
Lehrtexte zum Thema erneuerbare Energieträger für die Fachrichtung „Techniker der energetischen Gebäudeausrüstung“
Zielgruppen des Projektes sind Erziehungs- und Berufsberater, Fachlehrer für arbeitstechnische Fächer, insbesondere das Fach „Techniker der energetischen Gebäudeausrüstung“ wie auch Schüler der berufsbildenden mittleren Schulen.

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You can find all information about the project, all activities and products prepared so far.

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Typology: Product 9 - Websites, databases

The Handbook on occupations in RES consists of 2 parts. The first parts in a brief overview of RES and the 2nd part is detailed description of occupations in SK, CZ, IT, EL, UK, ES, FR (the last five taken over from the original project Earthcare). It is a textbook which can be also used for training of educational advisers and counsellors during their training.

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Url: http://www.refuge.ekofond.sk
Typology: Product 4 - New curricula and qualifications

The curricula for training of educational advisers was developed for the area of RES in order to train the educational advisers and counsellors about the RES area and description of occupations in this are. The curricula will be used by regular training which did not exist ion the past.

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Url: http://www.refuge.ekofond.sk
Typology: Product 4 - New curricula and qualifications

During the project REFUGE were developed 5 taxtbooks for especially the study programme technician for energy facilities in buildings, 3 of them also in CZ language:
- Energy sources for the 4th grade - SK and CZ languages
- Energy services and counselling - in Sk and CZ languages
- Economy - in CZ and Sk languages
- Electrotechnical equipment for the 2nd grade - in SK language
- Electrotechnical equipment for the 3rd grade - in Slovak language

The developed textbooks can be used by VET schools in SK and CZ.

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Url: http://www.refuge.ekofond.sk
Typology: Product 2 - Handbooks, manuals, other training tools

For dissemination about the project and its results were also used leaflets prepared during the project - initial leaflet with basic information about the project and final project leaflet about the results of the project.

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Url: http://www.refuge.ekofond.sk
Typology: Product 8 - Material productions out of events/projects: publications, CD-Rom, CDs, DVD, tapes, artistic products etc.

A short video about the project reults for prepared for dissemination purposes. It is uploaded on the project website www.refuge.ekofond.sk and all project partners can use it.

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EkoFond, non-investment fund

Mlynské Nivy 44/A, 825 11, Bratislava
+421 903 446121


96, Iroon Polytechniou Avenue Pireeus 18536 Greece, Pireaus

Integrated secondary school
Integrovaná střední škola Sokolnice 496 664 52 Sokolnice Czech Republic, Sokolnice

Secondary technical vocationl school
Stredná odborná škola technická Volgogradská 1 080 01 Prešov Slovak Republic, Prešov

Secondary electrotechnical school in Trnava
Sibírska 1 917 01 Tranava Slovak Republic, Trnava
State Institute for Vocational Education
Štátny inštitút odborného vzdelávania Bellova 54/a 837 63 Bratislava Slovak Republic, Bratislava

Joint school Kremnička BB
Spojená škola Kremnička Kremnička 10 974 05 Bratislava Slovak Republic, Banská Bystrica


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