tune in! Combating drop out

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Project Reference: LLP-LDV-TOI-13-AT-0001
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Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\LEONARDO DA VINCI\Multilateral projects on Innovation


Preventing early school leaving was the ultimate goal of the project "tune in! Combatin drop out".
It transferred successful drop out prevention methods and approaches (ie competence and labour market oriented work based training, devolopment of social and basic skills, self directed learning approaches and guidance and counselling measures) which had been developed and implemented in the Austrian BFI production schools to 4 partner countries in Europe.
Work based training while producing real products for real customers for the local and regional market is a powerful means of engaging and motivating young people, enhancing and enabling the learning process and preventing drop-out and reintegrating young drop-outs into formal iVET. Success rates in the production schools for young people entering the labour market, other VET schools and training and further education are high.

The consortium consisted of 7 partners in 6 European countries. BFI OOE (AT), the coordinator is one of the biggest Austrian VET providers with extensive experience in integrating young people in the labour market (more than 600 trainees / Lehrlinge per year). BFI has established six production schools in Upper Austria in the last 10 years. The Association of Danish production schools is an umbrella organisation linking all Danish production schools and establishing joint quality standards and policies. These two organisations were responsible for the transfer. IFA (AT) was the internal evaluator.
FMA from Spain, ISQ from Portugal and ENAIP Veneto from Italy are big and well established (i)VET providers and Ozara from Slovenia focuses its work on training and labour market integration for disadvanteged groups.

These four partners were implementing the transfered products in their national systems and their own organisations.
All have very good conntections to national, regional and local stakeholders needed for implementation.

Evaluation of the projects’ success and dissemination of results were important parts of the project.



7 partners from 6 European countries worked together with the aim to develop work based training methods and directives to the recognition of drop out danger and a workshop for teachers who work in VET institutions. On account of common exchange of views, these products were created during the project term, were partly anew or extended partly.
On the subjects count:
- work based training
- constructivist attempts and their conversion
- social dialogue
- occupational orientation / strengthening of the selfvalue feeling / exchange of views
- sustainability
- use and spreading of the results

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Project flyers in English, German, Danish, Slovene, Italian, Portogese and Spanish giving a short Information about the project.

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Have fun and be creative with the "Tune in! Combating dropout - toolbox"!

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Working with young people at the risk of dropping out of the school system is challanging. These guidelines will support and equip every teacher and trainer with knowledge provided by professionals from Austrian production schools. Feel empowerd by this guiding tool to move on in fighting youth unemployment!

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Typology: Product 8 - Material productions out of events/projects: publications, CD-Rom, CDs, DVD, tapes, artistic products etc.

You want to know how to use the "tune in! Combating drop out" toolbox and what is so special aboute the production school idea? So just "tune in!" and work with the tune in! Train the Trainer course and curriculum.

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You want to know how to use the "tune in! Combating drop out" toolbox and what is so special aboute the production school idea? So just "tune in!" and work with the tune in! Train the Trainer course and curriculum.

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Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich

Grillparzerstraße 50, 4021, Linz
+43 732 6922 5670
+43 732 6922 5721


Fundacion Metal Asturias
Juan de la Cosa, 27, Polígono de Roces – Gijón

Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade
Av. Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, 33, Oeiras

OZARA storitveno in invalidsko podjetje d.o.o.
Ulica heroja Šaranoviča 27, Maribor

ENAIP Veneto
Vi Ansuino da Forlì, 64/a, Padova

Dæmningen 33, 2.tv., Vejle

Institut für Arbeitsmarktbetreuung und –forschung Steiermark
A-8020 Graz, Pflanzengasse 16/2, Graz


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