Emerging 'moral' technologies and the ethical-legal challenges of new subjectivities

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Start: 01-09-2017 - End: 31-08-2020
Project Reference: 586747-EPP-1-2017-1-IT-EPPJMO-MODULE
EC Grant: 21961.8 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Jean Monnet Activities
Action Type: Jean Monnet Academic Modules


“Emerging ‘moral’ technologies and the ethical-legal challenges of new subjectivities” module addresses the ethical-legal challenges arisen by scientific and technological advances, specifically within the European society. Scientific-technological advances have indeed forced legal experts to re-consider legal categories, institutions, and subjectivities. In Europe, bioethical and bio-legal issues are increasingly negotiated in a supranational arena, not only between domestic legal orders and the European Union, but also between two European level systems, namely the EU and the Council of Europe. They can both contribute to making a consistent European regulation in these issues.The project consists of teaching activity supported by research including:1) ‘moral’ technologies and protection of human dignity, identity and the right to integrity; 2) EU antidiscrimination law and human enhancement;3) the role of scientific and technological advances in re-designing legal subjectivities;4) the role of the existing committee on bioethics in promoting public awareness in these issues; 5) the role of European and national law in providing a framework for scientific and technological progress to be ethically designed by default.Dissemination of research outcomes will be possible by means of annual round tables where students, young researchers, and experts can discuss the different issues at stake. Call for papers may be included. The teaching activity consists of 42 hours, taught by philosophy of law, bioethics, genetics, law, psychology, and political science professors from Italian and foreign universities. The students’ learning process will be supported by an e-learning platform where students and teachers can interact during the course. In addition, the teaching materials and the recording of lectures will be uploaded and made available.


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