Mobilność edukacyjna wyznacznikiem jakości Naszej Szkoły

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Start: 01-11-2014 - End: 31-10-2016
Project Reference: 2014-1-PL01-KA101-000457
EC Grant: 75058 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: School education staff mobility


Project Erasmus Plus implemented between 2014-2016 will involve 30 teachers of Szkoła Przymierza Rodzin in Warsaw , including language teachers ( English, German, French) , early childhood education teachers, afterschool club teachers, teachers of grades 4 - 6 of Primary School and 1- 3 of Junior High School (mathematics , physics , science, biology and chemistry ) and the Head Teachers of the School. Foreign language teachers will participate in methodology and language trainings as well as culture trainings in Ireland and the UK. Early childhood education teachers and afterschool club teachers will be trained in the UK towards the improvement of language skills and introducing the system of CLIL teaching in their classes . Teachers of grades 4- 6 of Primary School and 1-3 of Junior High will improve language skills in the UK and gain knowledge of the CLIL system which will be used in their classes. The Head Teachers of the School will take part in school management training in Germany and the UK. The purpose of these foreign trainings will be development and refinement of language skills of teachers selected in a recruitment process, through the exchange of experiences and teaching methods with teachers from other European countries. Thanks to the work and study in international teams, teachers will learn and then implement activating teaching methods that emphasize the development of students' creativity and autonomy and the ability to work in groups with regard to TIC technologies, the use of authentic materials and the changing needs and skills of students . The exchange of professional experience between teachers of different educational systems will affect the improvement of good teaching practice of schools. The aim of the Management of Szkoła Przymierza Rodzin in Warsaw is the constant improvement of the quality of work by enabling and supporting the development of teachers' skills and improving their competence, which affects the general quality of school and the learning process. International projects such as Erasmus Plus is an excellent opportunity to achieve these goals as well as to raise
the awareness of young Europeans on issues of stereotypes and cultural diversity. Participants of these mobilities know that attitude of European citizens who are aware of their identity, begin to shape up in the School, therefore a trained team of teachers will take part in these mobilities to become competent in creating conditions for the development of such an attitude. Long-term benefit of Erasmus Project Plus is that participants will develop their own solutions to educational mobility based on good educational practices used by European schools and improve language skills and methodology to help teachers in developing curriculum - CLIL, taking into account a holistic approach to teaching children from the first to the third stage of education. The result of the training will be disseminated European Framework of Reference for Languages , CLIL system at three stages of educational, cultural transmission and education of students in the School in the spirit of tolerance and openness, independence and autonomy in the learning process. The advantage of mobility will be sharing best practices, taking into account all the different types of multiple intelligences, different profiles of learners and their learning styles. The result of the training course will be taking part in the project E - Twinning and the introduction of the European Language Portfolio, aimed at making students aware of the benefits of learning mobility and systematic learning of foreign languages. Training in the UK increases the quality, effectiveness, awareness and satisfaction of one's learning process aimed at tolerance and openness to other cultures through the use of information technology, modern techniques and methods of activating learning English, the elements of drama and TPR, European Framework of Reference Languages and the European Language Portfolio and the use of knowledge on learning mobility, autonomy and success in the process of teaching and learning. The training will be an opportunity to establish international cooperation and interdisciplinary education based on promoting the attitude towards European tolerance and understanding.


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