Arts and humanities for an inclusive EU

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Start: 01-09-2016 - End: 28-02-2018
Project Reference: 575236-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPJMO-PROJECT
EC Grant: 60000 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Jean Monnet Activities
Action Type: Jean Monnet Projects


EUMAN stimulates EU civic education in a significant secondary school population with no EU specific coverage and the wherewithal to become a multiplier of pro-EU communication for the public opinion at all levels: teachers and students of Licei Artistico, Musicale and Coreutico in Italy (125.000 people following official statistics), devoted to audio-visual and performing arts. Two groups of activities run parallel in the program:1. Experimentation and dissemination through detailed didactic package of an innovative educational program that exploits a best practice of EU communication (European Awareness Days, featuring a music recital show on EU history and challenges) to transform it into a fully participatory event organized by students as a result of structured learning activities focused on EC migration priority (multidisciplinary teaching that puts the EU at the core of targeted schools curricula, conferences and public events that will involve local civil society).2.Decentralised conferences open to civil society in all 20 Italian regional chief-lieus through official networks of targeted schools that will enhance dissemination, knowledge on the migration "crisis" and will launch a national creative contest. The contest will stimulate students to develop filmed cross-media creative works that will have to convey knowledge and socially committed messages on "Migration and the EU" topics addressed by EUMAN. A ceremony at EC Rep. in Rome with all institutional actors of EU communication in Italy will award best works. They will be granted among other things publication on the national public broadcasting company website (RAI Scuola), on EUMAN YouTube channel and a dissemination project partnership with CesUE for 1st ranked authors. A big final public event in Milan will boost exploitation of EUMAN results in targeted partner networks. Project designing already benefited from their collaboration and official adhesion letters are published on CesUE website.


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