E-Tourism - A new generation and new e-business models 2015

6 Participating countries:
Start: 01-06-2015 - End: 31-05-2017
Project Reference: 2015-1-IT01-KA102-004383
EC Grant: 345777 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: VET learner and staff mobility


Considering the fact that the web has become one the main sources of information in the chain of tourism, the E-Tourism project has strongly targeted its participants in digital competences, professional and soft skills employable in this sector.
A total of 112 students (88 females and 34 males) of 6 technical institutes and 1 professional institute of the Venice and Treviso provinces participated. The students came from pertinent school profiles such as administration, marketing, graphics and communications, information technology and catering.
In addition to specific vocational-professional aims, the project has aspired in developing goal proficiency of “learn to learn” and in particular the following key competences, considered to be utmost pertinent to the educational needs identified: foreign language communication, digital competence, proactive and self-entrepreneurial spirit, culture awareness.
The mobility and in particular the traineeship in company abroad, have created trial training periods of these competences for the participants including that of self-learning and learning.
The internships lasted 5 weeks in which the first dealt with linguistics preparation, culture and an approach to work experience followed by 4 weeks of work placement on a full-time basis in businesses congruent to the field of education of the participants as the traineeship is integrated and recognised in the school/work alternance scheme.
The internships were fulfilled in the 2016 Summer season in Austria, France, Spain, The United Kingdom and Lithuania.
The mobility had been accurately prepared prior to commencement through linguistic preparation with native language teachers, in addition to OLS, and pedagogical sessions.
Throughout the mobility, all the experiences were strictly monitored by the sending and receiving organisations.
The precise preparation along with the organization and monitoring of the traineeships contributed to the success of the experiences, confirmed by conclusive questionnaires ascertained by the companies, hosting organizations and by various persons whom participated on the project. In particular the learners, besides having expressed a positive 95% overall evaluation on the experience, were satisfied with their individual internships and have demonstrated remarkable progress in their professional learning, in linguistics proficiency, independence and personal capability in problem-solving.
The integration within a work environment in which the participants found themselves, often for the first time in their own life, being ‘the foreigner’, enhanced intercultural awareness; appreciation by the hosting company about their contribution thus heightening their self-esteem.
The good results achieved confirm the success of previous Consortium mobility experiences, consolidating image, consensus, relationships both with families and economic and institutional stakeholders of the Territory. The certifications and in particular the Europass Mobility Document increased the qualifications weight in the labor market and promote the youth employability as well as the acquisition of credits for the purpose of the State Certification Exam. The increase in internationalization of Consortium schools highlights their appeal and number of enrollments.
Local businesses positively take into consideration that students can implement their school education training in an international context, which influences on the Territory’s economy.


Results for this project are not available.



VIA MASOTTI 1, 31046

Organisation type: School/Institute/Educational centre – Vocational Training (secondary level)


Qualo training & mobility, s.r.o.
Hlavní město Praha
Organisation type: Other
Pierre & Sprachferien GmbH
Organisation type: Other
Advisers for International Programs in Spain SL
Comunidad Valenciana
Organisation type: Other
ISE Lanuage Ltd
Surrey, East and West Sussex
Organisation type: Other
Ecole Supériereure de Français S.A.R.L.
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Organisation type: Other
The Training Partnership Ltd
Organisation type: Other
The Liverpool School of English
Organisation type: Other
Comunidad Valenciana
Organisation type: Foundation
Organisation type: Other
Riviera English School Ltd
Organisation type: Other


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