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3 Participating countries:
Start: 01-07-2014 - End: 30-06-2015
Project Reference: 2014-1-SK01-KA102-000103
EC Grant: 27109 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: VET learner and staff mobility


The project of the only secondary Slovak school orientated on glass production solves the possibility for the students to participate invocational education in the intership across the countries with a long tradition in the area of glass production: glass vitrage, glass painting, glass grinding and operating of glass automatic machines.
The goal is development of skills, acquirement of knowledge and gaining experience at work in the manufactural organisations. These aspects will increase facilities to integrate at a labour market. In addition,the goal is improving of the international dialogues, respect of other nations to encourage to tolerance. The biggest benefit for the students is the education straight in the practice –in
the worshops efitted with modern technologies, working tools, materials and participaton in the production process.The next goal is improvement in foreign languages –English, German language, necessary in communication with the partner. The students will improve technical language in Czech language as well. The part of the project will be the study of the fine arts and glass history. Just the regions like Liberec in the Czech Republic enables this very well.
The students in their free time will have an opportunity to visit various galleries, museums, churches,historical places. They will be able to use this piece of knowledge in their following study at the secondary school and later at university.
The project is divided into four parts. Each part is in another organisation dealing with another production.
1.The first part is the participation of the students studying Art elaboration of glass, field window-pane in Glasmalerei Company in Stift Schlierbach,Austria. The students will work and help with the orders of the company or wil have the possibility to design and realise their own ideas.

2. The second part is the participation of the students attending vocational training, branches glass painting and glass grinding. The intership is going to be realised in GLASSiCENTER Ltd. in Kamenický Šenov, the Czech Republic. They will learn and improve painting techniques like high enamel, that are in recession in Slovakia. The students wil try another technologies , other colours, materials. Our students were in this company last year and both sides would like to continue with the collaboration.

3.The third part is specialized on the scholar intership in Vetropack in Kremsmünster, Austria. The participants are the students of vocational training oriented on operating of glass automatic machines., where they will become familiar with technologies and procedures concerning to the manufacturing of container glass. The company is a member of Vetropack Corporation in Zurich and provides very good facilities for students´ development in this area.

4. The fourth part is specialized on the scholar intership in Egermann in Nový Bor in the Czech Republic. The students will be devided according to the specialization into two groups - branches glass painting and glass grinding. They will work and help with the orders of the company or wil have the possibility to design and realise their own ideas.

Our students will take part in the production process during two weeks. They will be integrated into the workplace and work actively under the control of the teacher and factory´s workers. The participants will follow and keep the work procedure and try to see and learn as much as possible.


Results for this project are not available.


Stredna odborna skola sklarska

Súhradka 193, 02061
Lednické Rovne
Trenčiansky kraj

Organisation type: School/Institute/Educational centre – Vocational Training (secondary level)


Vetropack Austria GmbH
Organisation type: Large enterprise
Egermann, s.r.o.
Praha 1
Hlavní město Praha
Organisation type: Other
Glasmalerei Stift Schlierbach GmbH & Co KG
Organisation type: Other
Nový Bor
Liberecký kraj
Organisation type: Other


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