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An estimated 20% of European adults lack the literacy skills they need to fully function in a modern society.
Most of these European adults are employed.
In France for example, the ANLCI INSEE survey indicates that 51% of people in a situation of illiteracy are working.
Therefore the workplace is very much concerned by the struggle for literacy.
Companies have discovered this phenomenon quite recently due to economic changes: quality procedures which have an impact on the whole production chain including lowly qualified workers, use of ITC, etc.
The literacy training offer for adults in companies in Europe is very poor and mostly not adapted, first to the company needs, then to lowly qualified workers who suffered from school failures for 2 main reasons:
1. Adult training providers usually disconnect the analysis of the needs of the employees from their job tasks.
2.Companies or training funding organizations usually have a fragmented approach to literacy training, considering it only as a training module, while it should be considered with a global and systemic approach.
In this respect, our project aims at developing a methodological guide contributing to more effective struggle for literacy in the workplace, in three countries ( France, Austria, Germany).



_ Developing the skills of the European employees in a situation of illiteracy.
_Improving  business performance of concerned companies.
_Providing operational tools of Management through objectives of Human Resources (GPEC : Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences)
_ Developing and improving the quality of workplace literacy training in Europe, tailored to the current needs of companies and employees.
_ Raising the awareness of companies regarding the impact of literacy skills on business performance.
_Developing the quality of workplace literacy training in Europe in favour of first-level qualification employees
To succeed with this project, our starting point is based on an experiment conducted in New Zealand:
_A methodological guide aimed at adult training providers (Workbase workplace literacy manager's guide), on the one hand
_A website aimed at raising company awareness (Skills Highway)
These tools will help applicant partners to implement literacy training, tailored to the needs of companies and employees.
Here are the various steps we followed to implement our project :
_WP1:  Adaptation of the New Zealand Workbase workplace literacy manager’s guide to the French, German and Austrian backgrounds.
_WP2 : Transfer and adaptation of  "Skills Highway" website contents.
_WP3: Experimentation of the newly created methodological guide in each partner country in at least 6 companies for at least 30 employees.
_WP4: Organisation of training workshops with key-actors of each partner network to spread the methodology to adult training providers
"_WP5: Implementing awareness raising actions towards companies on the value of literacy skills training for their employees.
_WP6 : Management and evaluation of the project. 

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Ce site internet est à destination des organismes de formation et des entreprises. Il fournit des informations et des témoignages sur les formations aux compétences-clés en entreprise.

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This product is the methodological guide to train providers to implement literacy programmes in companies.

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