Entwicklung und Implementierung eines Personal Learning Environments im Forst und in der Baumpflege

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Start: 01/12/2009
Project Reference: 503760-LLP-1-2009-1-DE-LEONARDO-LMP
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Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\LEONARDO DA VINCI\Multilateral projects on Innovation


Employees must help to maintain their own employability and the competitiveness of their employers by developing professionally relevant key competences on their own behalf. Vocational training should also contribute to the competitiveness of European undertakings. This is why vocational training and working practice need to mesh more tightly together and why we must attempt to integrate formal and informal learning processes into an overall system (such as a personal learning environment, or PLE). Such a PLE can be adapted to individual needs, and the use of it will develop the user’s practical, methodological, media and social skills. Web 2.0 and social media represent both a challenge and an opportunity. For low-skilled workers (relatively common in forestry and arboriculture) , the challenges are especially great, but given appropriate support, so are the opportunities. The teaching staff and the transfer coach involved in the project are called upon to work together with the target groups to realise the latent learning potential.
Global goals: Enhance the practical, methodological, media and social skills of vocational students and SME employees. Maintain the employability of the employees and the competitiveness of the SMEs. Sub-goals: Intensify and link formal and informal learning processes of students and SME employees. Intensify collaborative learning processes.
Supporting goal 1: Produce an English-language ‘Guide for the implementation and use of a personal learning environment for vocational training and SMEs’. Supporting goal 2: Program and implement PLEs in 4 vocational schools and 4 SMEs with shared interfaces and a common set of screens. Supporting goal 3: Carry out quality assurance of the project methodology and deliverables. Supporting goal 4: Use the installed PLEs within an interdisciplinary environmental project coordinated among the 4 vocational schools, with translated categories and keywording. Supporting goal 5: Support SME PLE deployment


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