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Start: 01-07-2015 - End: 30-06-2017
Project Reference: 2015-1-SK01-KA104-008854
EC Grant: 3173 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Adult education staff mobility


Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, we were unable to fulfill the criteria necessary to complete the agreement.

The initial problem was finding schools who were willing to allow our teachers to job shadow their teaching staff. Although we contacted a large range of schools in both England and Ireland, we had very few positive replies and those that did could not fulfill the criteria required.
The second factor has been major changes in staff. As the project took longer than expected, it overlapped with several changes made to staff positions. This included the main Erasmus organiser leaving, and two of the teachers being given modified roles within the school, making their job shadowing placements far less applicable.


Results for this project are not available.


Native School of English s.r.o.

Kollarova 73, 03601
Žilinský kraj

Organisation type: School/Institute/Educational centre – Adult education


No partners available for this project


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