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Aim of ´Join In a Job!´ is to transfer and adopt cross cultural clearing and counselling instruments in order to facilitate new and qualified qualifications for migrants in Europe by the means of clarification of barriers for the (re)integration of juvenile migrants (especially young women)in the labour market and by the means of identification and validation of competences (especially those acquired by informal and non formal learning processes).



Juvenile migrants are less integrated into the VET systems in respective partner countries (Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Poland) compared to native youngsters, even if they have grown up the respective country and belong to the 2nd generation. Many migrants and their parents are not or less aware of the significance of a qualified education and/or professionalism.

Partners feel that for the target group of juvenile migrants who often show a lack of formal education and qualification it is absolutely necessary to clear barriers for the (re)integration of juvenile migrants into the VET system and into the labour market. Still, there is a lack of cross cultural clearing and counselling instruments as well as structured advice for parents in order to cooperate with vocational advisers / teachers / trainers / coaches. In addition there is a lack of training for vocational advisers / teachers / trainers / coaches in the field of cross cultural counselling too. Finally there are no sustainable networks of vocational advisors, vocational training institutions, enterprises and other relevant institutions.

Out of those reasons the consortium will be transferring and adopting relevant cross cultural clearing and counselling instruments to the needs and challenges of their countries. A master coach training enables experienced trainers - coming together from five countries - to use the method in their daily work with juvenile migrants. Furthermore it will enable master coaches to transfer and disseminate the counselling method by training other trainers in their respective country. As a result this network of career counsellors and trainers within five countries will be using a transferred clearing and counselling method that has additionally been adopted to country specific needs. All relevant material for trainers and counsellors will be collected in a fieldbook as a main part of outcomes.

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The intercultural career guidance method “Join In a Job!” aims at empowering young people with migration background for the job market and VET. A portfolio of questionnaires, diagnostic tools and worksheets assist career guidance officers in their work with young migrants – country specific tools are available here on CD for practitioners in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Poland. 8 hints for using “Join In a Job!” 1. Experiences in career guidance and intercultural work are essential to use the method effectively. 2. Before using the method, get involved with the variety of tools and diagnostic instruments first. 3. It is not intended to use all instruments for all clients – this is rather a toolkit! 4. Rephrase personal questions to what is appropriate for the individual client. 5. Mind maps visualize the holistic approach: various living areas are important for the job search. 6. Parts of the method can also be used in group settings. 7. The most suitable career guidance setting is a long-term one. 8. Clients are experts of their own (professional) life!

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