The VOICE of European TeacherS

10 Participating countries:
Start: 01/11/2012
Project Reference: 526613-LLP-1-2012-1-NL-COMENIUS-CNW
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Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\COMENIUS\Networks


The VOICE of European TeacherS (VOICES) is a network, which connects students as future teachers, teachers, teacher trainers in Europe. New is the connection with researchers and persons of other institutes connected to the educational field.

The network promotes the European dimension, innovative educational ideas and research. The overall aim is to implement European Teacher competences (key competences for lifelong learning and competences developed during the projects Face-it: 134362-LLP-1-2007-1-NL-COMENIUS) and ETSize: 510134-LLP-1-2010-1-NL-COMENIUS-CAM. The next step is promoting schools and teachers to stay in contact, work together, start new projects and share best practice. Collaboration during projects and reflection on our activities are the keys in the learning processes within the network.

Thematic subjects are: European Identity, European Diversity, European Citizenship and European Professionalism (Knowledge approach, way of teaching, European school concepts). New thematic fields: language competences (plurilingualism and early foreign language learning, early years development, new teacher education with an emphasis on blended learning and rich media, contribute to the enlargement of the amount of activities in the field of European professionalism. European competences are crucial for future teachers, teachers, teacher trainers and researchers.

The VOICE of European teacherS (VOICES) will be in social networks and on the internet The VOICES network promotes research in the field of European teacher competences, promotes digital literacy, organizes in-service courses and conferences and publishes a newsletter.


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Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Van Galenstraat 20, 7511 JL Enschede
+31 88 019 6262


Warmoesberg, 26 1000 Brussels
Campus Universitari. Building G-6, null 08193 BELLATERRA
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca Ateneo Nuovo, 1 20126 Milano
The University of Derby
Kedleston Road, null De22 1GB Derby
+ 44 1332 591703
The University of Derby
Kedleston Road, null De22 1GB Derby
+ 44 1332 591703
Uludag University
Uludag Universitesi Egitim Fakultesi, null 16059 Bursa
+90 224 2940945
Pädagogische Hochschule Zentralschweiz Schwytz
Zaystrasse, 42 CH-6410 Goldau
+41 41 859 05 90
Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark
Hasnerplatz, 12 8010 Graz
+43 316 8067 2201
Universidade do Minho
Campus de Gualtar, null 4710-057 Braga
Palacký University Olomouc
Žižkovo náměstí /Zizkovo nam., 5 771 40 Olomouc


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