Modules for Vocational Education and Training for Competences in Europe II (MOVET II)

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Project Reference: DE/10/LLP-LdV/TOI/147341
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Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\LEONARDO DA VINCI\Multilateral projects on Innovation


MOVET II explored a practical approach to a system ECVET. The modules for students ended with an especially designed assessment of learning outcomes. Training providers, companies, competent bodies and other protagonists of vocational education validated the acquired learning outcomes as relevant for the training profile and award credit points. A memorandum of understanding of all involved partners served as a basis for the recognition of learning outcomes.



MOVET II tackled the targets identified within the Copenhagen Process (amplification of the European dimension in vocational education, increased transparency, recognition of expertise, quality assurance). The principles of voluntariness, bottom-up-approach and active involvement of social partners had to be taken into account.
However, there are heterogeneous conditions and procedures for certifications and accreditation of vocational skills in the member states of the European union. The two diametrical fundamentals of subsidiarity and banned harmonization govern that domain.
Five VET schools (BSFT,TEC,WinNova, EU-BS, SPSS) from Germany, Denmark, Slovakia and Finland drawed an extensive experience from multiple mobilities. Within the framework of MOVET II they analyzed common learning outcomes from national curricula for mechatronics.
Each school designed a module in English. It was intended for three weeks, covering the topics PLC, Hydraulics, Bus systems, CAD/CAM, CNC and E-Pneu. All six modules are located within the competence area in the VQTS-matrix and/or the MOVET-matrix.
In the context of mobilites students from the European partner institutions completed the developed modules. The module courses concluded by examinations which consisted of a paper and pencil test and skills demonstration. Upon successful completion of the test, students were rewarded with a certificate. Skill sets, obtained during the module and stated in this certificate, were recognized with regard to their content by German companies participating in the programme.

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The research report about MOVET I also gives a good and deep view into the methods and aims of MOVET II

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This folder shows a good overview of the six different MOVET modules

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Typology: Product 3 - Innovative education and training modules

informational folder about the competence matrix for mechanics in industry

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Typology: Product 8 - Material productions out of events/projects: publications, CD-Rom, CDs, DVD, tapes, artistic products etc.

informational folder about MOVET II

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descrition of the 3 week module CAD/CAM

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descrition of the 3 week module CNC

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descrition of the 3 week module E-Pneu

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descrition of the 3 week module PLC

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descrition of the 3 week module bus systems

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descrition of the 3 week module hydraulics

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Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH
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Referat fuer Schulwesen in der Region Košice (Suborganisation Kultusministerium Slowakei)
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Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy, WinNova
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