Abordarea europeana a predării - garanție a calității și succesului profesional

2 Participating countries:
Start: 15-07-2014 - End: 14-07-2016
Project Reference: 2014-1-RO01-KA101-001047
EC Grant: 28090 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: School education staff mobility


The project "The European approach of teaching – quality guarantee and professional succes" followed the modernization of teaching strategies in order to create an attractive and motivating learning environment that awakens students ' interest in studying; leading to the reduction of absenteeism, improving school results in assimilating the knowledge and the skills that are required for lifelong, tracing the outline of a successful socio-professional profile for the European Community.
The aims of the project were:
- the modernisation of teaching through new strategies that integrate digital means and technologies;
- the students acquired specialized knowledge in the IT field and skills for using digital means and technologies;
- the improvement of teachers and students' linguistic and IT competences;
- the awareness of the importance of school-professional training and personal development, generally speaking, in order to be an active citizen in a unified Europe.
The project was developed over a period of two years, during which time 17 teachers, with various specialities, participated in 6 training courses. The topics of courses focussed on the formation of competences and skills for the use and integration of digital means in the process of teaching-learning-assessment in order to create new and innovative teaching strategies. Therefore, the teachers learned to develop and use collaborative documents and useful open-source applications, digital tools for evaluation (online tests), dynamic and attractive presentations; they developed habits of using various applications for the preparation and processing of images, audio-and videotaped materials, they learned to use predefined educational platforms, to create personal sites for an efficient communication between teacher-student-parent. Besides the general courses, the teachers of our school had the opportunity to participate in a specialized course for the use of the e-learning platform Moodle.
For each training course the participants followed a programme of inter-cultural and linguistic preparation, and after each training they organized dissemination activities according with a plan agreed within the project. The teachers made presentation materials for the course (flyers, course portfolio) and at least one tutorial for an application or a software presented at the course.
The elaborated products during the project (4 speciality papers with ISBN prepared by teachers, the e-learning platform of the school, the project website which includes educational materials, the innovations brought to school site consisting in pages for special committees, teachers, students, parents) are able to demonstrate teachers' competence and skills in the use of digital techniques and ensure the sustainability of the project, being relevant sources of information and documentation that one can benefit both in school and beyond.
The teaching-learning-assessment process from our school has become a modern one and the students' school results have improved.
Through the direct participation in courses within this project and through training sessions organised in our school, it was realized that in a dynamic society, based on knowledge, concepts and skills offered by learning through digital technology are absolutely necessary for all disciplines, no matter what speciality or professional qualification we get, because they provide flexibility and facilitates rapid adaptation to new economic and social requirements.


Results for this project are not available.


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