Kaleidoscope: Herramientas y recursos para promover políticas que impacten positivamente en las personas con diversidad funcional.

3 Participating countries:
Start: 01-01-2017 - End: 31-12-2017
Project Reference: 2016-3-ES02-KA347-008938
EC Grant: 4.640 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Support for policy reform
Action Type: Dialogue between young people and policy makers


CONTEXT: The kaleidoscope project wants to be a crossroads where different views on the same reality: the experience of living with disability, converge. At the same time through non-formal education energyzers, the substantial importance of political decisions and public activity in improving contexts to build inclusive and accessible societies will emerge. And, therefore, the importance of citizen participation in the development of these policies and public activities, to positively have an impact in the quality of life of people with disabilities.
OBJECTIVES: kaleidoscope has three purposes: 1. To promote, through the confluence of experiences of young people with and without disabilities, awarening participants, politicians and experts on the role of the context to relativize disabilities; 2. Encourage impacts, by using non-formal education and participating methodologies, on micro and macro policy and public decision making to change not inclusive, inaccessible or incapacitating contexts, favoring spaces that generates capacities; 3. Generate a compilation of good practices at European level, about public decisions and policies that have changed contexts by the promotion of universal accessibility, allowing a lasting impact and a seful, practical and realistic dissemination of results.
All this under the principle of promoting a positive image of functional diversity, improving social view of disability and breaking the stereotypes that are usually close to it.
NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS: The participants of the project are 65 people, mostly young people with and without disabilities, including people with fewer opportunities. These people come from three complementary organizations in the project, by providing three different views of the same problem: Autismo Sevilla, as an specialist association in a disability that affects communication and socialization, two habilities that rule in political action; Europole, as a public entity which brings together universities, governments, agencies and companies, with an extensive experience in public policies that lead to the development of new contexts through research and innovation; and ASI, an organization focused on identifying problems and solving them into a creative and participating in rural and urban strategy.
DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: To fulfill the objectives there are 4 main activities: A. Local Seminar in Spain which the participants will set public contexts and policy fields (including some activities of structured dialogue), and also consider preparation and planning as preparatory actions for the compilation of good practices and for the Transnational Seminar as well; B. Activities Compilating Good Practices and Experiences in public decision-making and civic participation, to improve contexts towards real inclusion and universal accessibility; C. Transnational seminar which will be the stage of participants from the three entities to share experiences, with senior decision-makers, experts and technicians from the public authorities. They will also visit institutions and bodies and build proposals, based on good practices gathered on the contextualization of disability and in order to build an inclusive society; and D. Development of a Guide of Good Practices in decision making and public management, to modify social, urban, cultural contexts by the promotionof a universally accessible and capacitating society.
METHODOLOGY: The methodology to carry out focuses on non-formal learning, continuing throughout the entire project, eminently practical and aimed especially to promote participation as a way of meeting different visions and as a resource to learn stimulating reflection. This way, proposals for improvement will be raised in different areas by involving young people around the design and implementation of the project.
RESULTS, IMPACT AND BENEFITS: Results and impacts that are persecuted are none other than the achievement of the objectives set out here, and also to promote an impact on the target audience, by awareness those responsible for making emerge decisions regarding how political reforms (small and large) can change settings that have the influence to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. The long-term benefits go to consolidate these good practices in making decisions to improve accessibility and inclusion in social contexts, favoring people with disabilities to feel more capable.


Results for this project are not yet available. They might become available after the project's end date.


Asociacion Autismo Sevilla

Avenida del Deporte s/n, 41020

Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise


Asociatia pentru sustenabilitate si inovare
Targu Neamt
Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise
Organisation type: Regional Public body


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