Jean Monnet Activities

Jean Monnet Activities consist of six Actions that aim to promote excellence in teaching and research on EU studies around the world.

The Actions are also designed to foster dialogue between academic and policy-makers on EU policies.

There is also a specific emphasis on EU integration and the role of the EU in a globalised world, as well as promoting active citizenship and dialogue between people and cultures.

The Actions


Short teaching programmes, of at least 40 hours per academic year, on general, specific, or multiple disciplines in the field of EU studies.

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Teaching posts with a specialisation in EU studies of at least 90 hours per academic year for university professors.

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Centres of Excellence

These centres are focal points of expertise and knowledge on EU subjects.

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Support to Associations

Designed to contribute to the study of the European integration process, bringing together professors, teachers and researchers specialising in EU studies.

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Designed to create and develop consortia on EU studies. Activities can include gathering information, exchanging practices, building knowledge, and promoting EU integration.

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Aim to support innovation, knowledge-sharing, and communication on European issues.

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