Jean Monnet Support to Associations

What is the aim?

Jean Monnet Support to Associations is designed to contribute to the mainstreaming of European integration studies.

The support provided is aimed at interdisciplinary associations specialising in EU affairs to further their activities.

What is the opportunity?

Erasmus+ provides the opportunity for associations to carry out a range of activities to publicise information about the EU among a broader public.

The support can also be used to carry out the statutory activities of the association including, for example:

  • publication of a newsletter
  • setup of a dedicated website
  • organisation of an annual board meeting
  • organisation of specific promotional events

Associations may also use the grant to perform research on specific European issues to advise European policy makers and disseminate the outcomes among relevant institutions, as we well as the public.

How does it work?

An organisation intending to apply must be an association of professors and researchers specialising in EU studies. The explicit purpose of the association must be to contribute to the study of European integration at national or transnational level.

The association must be officially registered and have an independent legal status. It may be established in any country of the world.

An Association is expected to become a multiplier of knowledge, sharing information and communicating on their chosen subject as well as collecting, analysing and making available information on their subject.

Associations should also be prepared to offer open educational resource and include open education activities in their project to maximise the impact of their work.

What else should you know?

Associations are responsible for developing their own work plan and, if selected for funding, are expected to implement the activities as described during the period covered by the grant.

How do you apply?

Organisations interested in applying should do so through Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency.

Find out more

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is the main source of information on Jean Monnet Associations, although more information on the application process is available from Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

For further information you can contact the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, or you can contact the European Commission.

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