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Nota de informação sobre a participação da Suíça no Programa Erasmus +

On 9 February 2014, the popular vote by the people and the cantons in favour of changing Switzerland's system of immigration called into question the principle of free movement of persons between the EU and Switzerland.

While implementing legislation for this popular vote will now have to be enacted by the Swiss Federal Council within three years, the referendum explicitly prevents the government from concluding any new international agreement contrary to this initiative. Hence, as an immediate consequence, the Federal Council is not in a position to sign the Protocol extending the EU-Swiss agreement on the free movement of persons to Croatia, which joined the Union on 1 July 2013 as new Member State, and is analysing the different implications.

The EU has always made clear that there is a close link between Swiss participation in Erasmus+ and the Protocol, as the programme is closely linked to the free movement of persons (exchange of researchers and students). Given the current circumstances, the EU and the Swiss authorities have agreed to suspend on-going negotiations on Swiss participation in Erasmus+ and took note of the impossibility of signing an agreement in time for the signing of contracts with beneficiaries selected under the 2014 calls for proposals.

Therefore, as foreseen in the Erasmus+ Regulation, until such an agreement is signed, Switzerland will not participate in Erasmus+ on an equal footing with Member States (i.e. as a "Programme Country") as initially envisaged, but will rather enjoy the same status as other third countries (i.e. as a "Partner Country").

List of activities open to Swiss participation

ActivityDeadlineWhere to submit?
Joint Master Degrees **27 March 2014EACEA
Knowledge alliances, sector skills alliances**3 April 2014EACEA
Strategic partnerships in education, training and youth**30 April 2014 (all)
1 October 2014 (only youth)
National Agency
Jean Monnet *26 March 2014EACEA
Sport collaborative Partnerships**15 May 2014EACEA

* as applicant or partner organisation
** as partner organisation

Concerning the various activities mentioned, you may wish to contact:



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