Rivers of Europe

8 Participating countries:
Start: 05/07/2013
Project Reference: 536656-CU-1-2013-1-HU-CULTURE-VOL121


RIVE – Rivers of Europe is a combined project of research, implementation and presentation.
The project’s first aim is to research and understand the connection between geographical units, rivers and culture in Europe. The involved artists - representing different fields of art from all over Europe - are exploring the impact of rivers (especially the ones connecting different countries) on culture. The rivers can divide nations, countries, empires, like Danube did it many time during the history, as well as connect communities, cultures. We can find the presence of rivers in literature, fine arts from the remained culture of Mesopotamia till the contemporary arts.
Our aim is to redefine the rule of rivers and channels crisscrossing our continent in the cultural development in Europe.
We are also exploring how to use water in artistic ways also during a performance or visual arts, we collect good examples from the past also to develop them further.
Our research program in music, dance, theater, visual and applied arts as well as in cultural heritages of the area are focusing to form a common program for audience living along the Rhine, Danube, Oder and Elbe. The program includes not just a performance, but also a presentation of visual elements, exhibition and open workshops for children. All these activities are bringing closer also the audience to the influence of rivers on our culture.
We are preparing a vessel to be a venue, which is not connected directly to an exact place, country or cultural circumstance. The program will reach audience from eleven different countries along the involved rivers, where we organize 52 program days. During our program we involve different cultural institutions from all the cities, reached by our program, forming a unique network of ’Riverbank Cultural Institutions’, what will be a further possibility for creating programs connected to rivers.



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