Resonance 2

5 Participating countries:
Start: 01/05/2012
Project Reference: 522712-CU-1-2012-1-NL-CULTURE-VOL121
Union Grant: 191165.0 EUR


The RESONANCE project is an European collaboration of five co-organisers and two associated partners with a focus on the production, the presentation, the
documentation and exchange of experience in the field of contemporary sound art.

RESONANCE presents the opportunity for different sound artists to produce new work in an European context. Most of them have been travelling to present their work but rarely have the opportunity to create new pieces abroad. First of all because organizations investing in sound art are scarce. Out of our long experience we know that sound artists are looking for these possibilities. The conception of their artistic plans happens in their local context, but it is often difficult to realize these plans without suitable spaces, context or ateliers.

The experience of working together for two years makes that we can say that the
RESONANCE co-organisers are experienced residency providers. They offer a stable context with financial, administrative, technical and artistic support in which new audio art works can emerge.
Each of them offers one or two production residencies over a period of 24 months.
In the end seven new sound pieces will be the result of the project. For these residencies each co-organiser invites a ‘non-local’ sound artist. Thus seven artists will discover new environments, new ideas, new professionals and also new colleagues.


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