Forgotten Heritage - European avant-garde art online

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Start: 01-06-2016 - End: 31-05-2018 - Duration: 24 months
Project Reference: 570480-CREA-1-2016-1-PL-CULT-COOP1
Union Grant: 199008.65 EUR
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Programme: Creative Europe


Sub-programme: Culture


Action: Cooperation projects


Project starts with development of innovative on-line repository featuring digitised archives of Polish, Croatian, Estonian and Belgian artists of the avant-garde movement occurring in the second half of the 20th century. Digital repository will contain such items as graphic works, drawings, paintings, photography, documentation of exhibitions and art installations, personal notes, poems, samples of prose works and the descriptive data. Such rich collection will be presented using an innovative and highly transparent format for easier browsing, analysis and comparative work.Once the cross-national on-line repository is created, workshops will be organized in Warsaw (Poland), Zagreb (Croatia) and Tallinn (Estonia), dedicated to art history and art students as well as any interested frequenters of contemporary art museums/art galleries. The workshops will be conducted with the use of the on-line repository and will cover the understanding of the avant-garde art and curator’s skills.Workshop participants will produce their own exhibitions (min 2 months long) in ARTon Gallery (Warsaw), SPOT Gallery (Zagreb) and KUMU (Tallinn) on the basis of the archives and with support of a professional curator. One exhibition will be held also in Brussels (Belgium).The international archives accessible in the on-line repository will be among the topics discussed at a conference in Warsaw mainly for stakeholders of the creative sector linked to avant-garde arts (art critics, art historians and researchers, teachers and professors, academics, cultural NGOs representatives, museums and art galleries, and the artists). The conference will deliver an internationally distributed publication.Project implementation period is 2 years.In future, on the basis of our wide branch contacts across Europe we plan to expand the on-line repository database range by including the archives from other European countries (the largest art history research team in France is already interested).


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