URBAN CULTURE FUSION - Connect Europe through music !

3 Participating countries:
Start: 15/11/2012
Project Reference: 522351-CU-1-2012-1-RO-CULTURE-VOL121
Union Grant: 135500.0 EUR


URBAN CULTURE FUSION – Connect Europe through music! aims to offer to elite European young musicians the chance of breaking national borders, extending their activity, meeting new audiences, getting known at European level and developing successfully careers.

70 top professional European musicians, aged 18 – 35, from jazz, blues, pop and classic, selected from a large base of over 500 from 30 countries enter a working and performing intensive program of 20 days. At the end 24 artists are selected to form an innovative ensemble of 8 – 12 members, alternately changed. They will work and perform together as ensemble in a 7 countries tour (DE, FR, IT, AT, BG, UK, RO), 12 cities, 20/25 concerts.
In each country, 1 – 3 local musicians will join the group as soloists.

The originality of the UCF consists in bringing together in one-production different music genres, ideas, cultural backgrounds and traditions.

Its members must learn to act and express unitary, to find new and creative ways of communication, understanding and performance since they are:
- representing different cultures
- playing different music styles and instruments
- speaking different languages

The group will play a world fusion repertoire in new compositions and rearrangements, especially created.

All concerts are open to the public. Some concerts link music with architecture or visual arts, being performed in castles, historical sites or art galleries.

- to stimulate intercultural dialogue and cross-border mobility of artists and works
- to create a novel cultural product, representative for the European characteristic - unity in diversity and to present it to a large public in 7 countries
- to facilitate the creativity and open artistic exchange by connecting young people of different cultural, social, economical and geographical origins in an unusual environment “music without borders”
-to create a “model to follow” for other European cultural actors


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