PROMS Music Crossover - East-West Connections

4 Participating countries:
Start: 01/12/2010
Project Reference: 512436-CU-1-2010-1-RO-CULTURE-VOL13


PROMS reaches different levels of intercultural dialogue, because it is about:
- cross-cultural cooperation and cross-border movement
- connecting countries from East and West Europe
- identifying differences and similarities, learning and sharing
- exchange of ideas and communication, understanding and openness
- mobility, meeting new people and discovering "new worlds".

The project has 3 phases. Over 50% of its activities take place in Moldova:
1) a series of creative workshops, master-classes and performances addressed to around 100 musicians aged 18 - 32 years, from jazz and classic fields, selected from 30 European countries including Moldova and Armenia
2) creating an innovative, authentic cultural product - jazz & classic, made up of 12 - 20 musicians, so chosen to represent the diversity of the continent, from the EU, but also from Third Countries. The only characteristic they share is the level of their musical performance, all being prize-winners or being recognized at national or international level.
3) presenting the new ensemble and their cultural works in a tour of high-class performances open to the public, in 5 countries / 30 performances - Moldova, Romania, France, Germany and Italy.

The objectives of the project are:
- to facilitate the dialogue and the exchanges between musicians with different cultural backgrounds from East and West Europe, encouraging their mobility across borders. A special attention will be given to the musicians from Moldova.
- to create a representative cultural product for the European diversity and to present it to a large audience in Moldova, crossing Romania, France, Italy and Germany
- to create a "model to follow" for other European cultural actors, showing the high potential of culture in building bridges between countries, beyond any social, economical or mentality differences.
- to support the formation of young Moldovan artists by organizing know-how exchanges between them and the other EU participants


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